I tested into chem2a, but i don't know anything

<p>So i took the placement exam for chem, and i surprisingly passed haha, with guessing on all of the questions. The only real questions i knew how to do was the math ones that were like if there are 5 marbles in a bag… or how long the test booklet was. I honestly dont remember chem as i took it 4 years ago, i remember words like protons, electron cloud, but i dont remember how to read the periodic table or what ever those moles were used for on the test. </p>

<p>My question is, in chem2a, do they expect you to know the stuff they tested me on, or do they teach it from the ground up. I tried taking remedial chem, but they said i can’t because i tested into the higher lv one, even when i told them i guessed on all of it…</p>

<p>1st off that was bull***t on your orientation leader's part. Last year I took and passed the chem placement test, but couldn't get into chem2a because it was so filled, so I took remedial chem for a refresher. </p>

<p>On the other hand, im sure they have marching orders to push anyone that passes into 2a.</p>

<p>What he/she should have told you is that you really dont need the remedial chem, because they do teach it pretty much from the beginning in 2A. There will be stuff you'll have to work harder to understand, but you'll be fine. The remedial class didn't teach me any more than I already remembered from taking chem in HS 2 years ago, and im not the brightest bulb in the bunch by a long shot.</p>

I was just like you last year. Literally did inee-meenee-mini-moe and I got in. Chem 2a is very basic, they cover everything from scratch so no worries. If it's too hard within the first few days drop it before 10 days (or is it 20 days drop notice for chem 2a?) drop deadline</p>

<p>Okay thanks.And for the class it says staff. Does that mean it's a new teacher comming to the school? I hope he knows how to teach it since he might not be experienced.</p>

<p>No, it means they have't selected which professor is gonna teach the class yet. For a while, my Math 21B class said "Staff", and recently, they updated the info for that and it now provides the name of the professor who's going to be teaching it (and she's not a new professor at all, especially since her name's on UC Davis' RMP page)</p>

<p>I don't really remember much from chem either...I really don't think many people do.
Though on the other hand, I remember looking at the person next to me durring the placement exam and his sheet was covered in complex calculations. Kinda freaked me out :P</p>

<p>im in the same boat.</p>