I there any POSSIBILITY?

<p>That I can pull my GPA up from a 2.3 to a high 3 or even a 4.0. After two years of college ive taken a year off and have finally grasped what it will take. Ive never studied in my academic career and made good grades until my last semester where I quit going to classes and failed two. Im planning to go back but havent talked to anyone officially, I did however believe that their was someone on this website who could answere my questions. So far my previous posts have been ignored and I am hoping this will not. I really would like to know so please answer.</p>

<p>I want to go back and pull up my GPA so I can go onto Law School and I need to know how high I can pull it up. I know a 2.3 is low but from what I understand you can pull it up, I just dont know how high.</p>

<p>If you've taken half of the courses you need to graduate, and if you get a 4.0 on the other half, your GPA would be a 3.15 when you graduate. Is that what you wanted to know?</p>

<p>Don't kid yourself. You have no chance.</p>

<p>I understand that after two more years I can only bring it up so far but is there some definitive rule that prevents me from taking other classes under the same major or possibly another and keep pulling it up? I figured that I could keep taking classes and pull it up as high as I can get it, is there anybody out there that knows the answer to this question? I dont see how a person can be kept down academically by making a mistake in two years of college.</p>