I think i know someone who lied about acceptance to USC and UCLA

<p>Posted this in the UCLA forum too, (don't get mad!) and its not exactly relevant but i was in the library this morning and I heard this girl say that she got into UCLA and that she was planning on going. The person she talked to then asked her, "what did you write for your essay?" and she responded, "I got a scholarship so i didn't have to write one." Then the person said "What did u get on ur SAT's?" and she said "i didn't have to take them."
I was already like ***??!!?! but didn't say anything. I have the girl in my calc class and a friend congratulated me on my acceptance, so i took the opportunity to congratulate the girl on her "acceptance" as well. I then asked her when she got in and she said "Like 2 weeks ago." (she told someone else LAST SEMESTER that she got accepted. don't know how that would have been possible)so I responded, "Oh really? Wow, well congrats then." and i whispered to my partner that they didn't post online till yesterday and that i was pretty sure they didn't send letters till march 15 (def not 2 weeks ago). I also told him about the convo I heard this morning. Then he sort of confronted her and asked about her SAT scores and essay. She said that she also got into USC and that because these schools are in CA, they don't require SAT scores. And then she said that the scholarships she won were for volleyball, even tho i was captain of her team and her butt was glued to the bench the entire season, so i knew that was a load of crock. She followed it up by saying the scholarships were not from the school and that she has connections because her sister LIVES a block away from the school. (because if u live in westwood, you just must have connections right? i don't think so)..another friend confronted her and she said that she was waiting on NYU because UCLA isn't her first choice. Please tell me that I am not wrong in being completely and utterly irritated by this and that she is in fact lying and i am not just horribly misinformed. Does any part of this story make sense to ANYONE?</p>

<p>erm.. no.</p>

<p>haha it's kinda funny though</p>

<p>but ohwell. why does it matter. let them fool themselves.</p>

<p>I seriously doubt she didn't write an essay for UCLA or turn in SAT scores. She's a liar.</p>

<p>yea i know i probably should care all that badly but it makes me mad cuz it demeans the people who worked their asses to get in (or rejected) and she's gonna do that...whatever tho, at least i got to vent lol</p>

<p>she could have gotten in for a sport?
and if she was recruited i doubt she would need a essay
but it does sound strange</p>

<p>if you're recruited you still HAVE to take the sats...even if you're michael jordan.</p>

<p>no, 2 of my best friends got full rides (one for volleyball, one for soccer) and they had to do the entire app...but its not possible for her to get one, she sucks, i'm not kidding. she broke her own ankle and my coach only kept her cuz she was committed but she never let her play, even at the end of the year banquet, she mentioned how she wouldn't let her practice with us because the players were scared she would cause an accident and break someone else's bone. literally, she is the most uncoordinated person i know If she was good enough to get a sports scholarship, i might have believed her, but she's not. and the "no SAT's need in california schools"? i don't think so</p>

<p>Maybe she will be a repeat of that girl who lived at Stanford, pretending to be a student, but who had never been accepted.</p>

<p>^^^LOL that story was soooooooo funny yet sad at the same time when i read it (the stanford girl)</p>

<p>gbv13, just ignore her, its not like lying is going to help her. There was a kid at my school last year who said he got into Carnegie Mellon full ride for academics. Now my school cost $40,000 a year and you board there,so everyone goes to a decent colege. He started spreading this lie to his friends and at my school things spread fast. So the college counselor receives all the decisions on every school for every student and the entire school found out he was lying. He now goes to a community college because it turns out he didnt apply anywhere, but he said he had to go to a cc because he couldnt pay for CMU, which is weird because he said he had a full ride. So this girl can keep lying but it wont help her get into USC or UCLA.</p>

<p>yea i know i that i shouldn't let it bother me, but i just had to let it out lol. i'm cool now tho hah</p>

<p>Just relax . . . if she wants to lie, it's her problem, not yours. No need to make a big deal of it or gossip about her :)</p>

<p>yea thats why i did it here, where its anonymous. and not where it would ruin her</p>

<p>Maybe she took the ACT instead. Maybe she didn't write any essays because her parents wrote them for her. </p>


<p>that's psycho!</p>


<p>hmm you know what would be really fun?
if you said didn't you think the USC acceptance package was amazing?
i'm sure she'd be like...yea it was...
and you're like...especiallly when you get the diploma..certificate thing saying we proudly welcome you ...etc...?
and she's be like...yea it was
and then you say..and the big bright yellow envelope was just to DIE for!...
and she would be like..yea it was...</p>


<p>envelope's RED...faker.</p>

<p>she would probably make something up and say volleyball scholarship people get a yellow envolope, lol</p>

<p>even if she did lie, i would advise to keep this information strictly between you and your friend. divulging that info would be such a d-bag move, especially since it doesn't concern you.</p>

<p>I agree with thesmiths.....leave her alone......I bet she has a good reason for saying all that.....she may even be saying the truth for all we know</p>

<p>don't talk about it, but rather kick her ass, lol</p>