I think I may be stupid

<p>I keep scoring in the 1800s on my practice SATs, and I've gotten a 1860 and 1840 on my real SATs. I'm taking it one more time in October and I've been studying hard this summer. I want a 2200+, but realistically this doesn't look like it's going to happen. I don't see any improvement.</p>

<p>640-670 on Math
580- 640 on Critical Reading
590-640 on Writing</p>

<p>Math- I know how to do all of the problems, and understand the explanations. They are usually silly mistakes. I don't know how to prevent myself from making these. Any recommendations besides practice?</p>

<p>Critical Reading- My AP Lang. teacher suggested underlining and that has helped me raise my score around 40 points. But I still am not really "doing better" otherwise. I interpret things wrong I guess.</p>

<p>Writing- There seems to be all these grammar rules that I'm not getting. Things to do with clauses and what not.</p>

<p>I have Barron's 2400 and Gruber's New SAT 10th edition. I have a Princeton PSAT book, but it really isn't all that helpful.</p>

<p>My question is what can I do to improve my SAT score from 1800 to 2200?
What has worked for you? Where can I find a complete concise list of grammar rules?</p>

<p>SAT:</a> Improve SAT Score with SparkNotes: The Seven Deadly Screw-Ups</p>

<p>This stuff is good for grammar ^, it has basically everything you need to know. </p>

<p>Reading is hard to improve, I've been having trouble with it myself. For math, honestly its a matter of having good logical thinking skills. No matter how dumb you think you are, critical thinking skills can in fact be obtained through practice.</p>

<p>For the silly mistakes part on the math, just try and have confidence. It helps a lot</p>

<p>I got a 570 on math in March, and a 740 in June, not because I was a bad math student. I simply told myself that the score in march was pretty much unacceptable for me, and was getting high 700s/800s on practice tests. Now every time I practice math I usually don't miss any. Just think of the SAT as something that isn't as difficult as people make it out to be, and you will have an easier time scoring higher.</p>

<p>I have gone through Barron's 2400 and Gruber's New SAT too, and found them almost completely useless. There are simple rules you have to remember for each section.
For example in CR passage questions you have to choose the answer that is exactly stated in the passage itself. You usually don't have to contemplate or think ahead; just choose the answer that is explicitly stated.
In writing, you have to know only a dozen rules that constantly reappear on the test.
For the essay, follow the 10 days guide by AcademicHacker.<br>
Math questions are pretty repetitive too.
As you see, SAT questions are very recurrent and the best way to practice is through doing lots of practice tests made by the CollegeBoard.
Doing other companies' practice tests is not really helpful because they usually do not abide by the rules CB has set for its tests and thus you do not learn the SAT type questions.
I've been doing 1800-1900ish on my first practice tests too and learning the standards really helped. I got 2140 on the June test.
If you are missing lots of vocab questions get the Direct Hits' two volumes , they're wonderful.</p>


<p>Those Spark Notes Tips are awesome and helpful, thanks!!
That already helps a lot. Man if i even get 2100+ like you I'd be ecstatic! :)
I'm getting the 2nd ed. Blue Book so I'll practice and review those tests.
I'll look at the Academic Hacker guide too. :)</p>