I think I'm getting paranoid...

<p>First of all, I apologize for the length of this post...and if you read all of it and actually respond (with something meaningful), I will love you forever...in a non-creepy way. :)</p>

<p>I personally feel as if I won't make it into any of these schools. Even though I know that I have a shot at some of them...I'm still getting really worried. Anyway...chance me, please? :) [You don't have to do all of them...obviously. I'm really looking for just #1-5]</p>

<p>1) UC Berkeley
2) Stanford
3) Notre Dame
4) University of Chicago
5) University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
6) Northwestern University
7) University of Michigan
8) University of Wisconsin Madison
9) Purdue
10) University of Illinois Chicago (UIC)</p>

<p>Ok. I am:
Illinois resident. Soon to be senior at a decent high school. Asian American girl. I rank 25/more than 500.</p>

<p>Freshman year:
-Honors English (A/A)
-Honors Algebra (A/A)
-Honors Biology (A/A)
-Spanish 2 (A/A)
-Honors Social Science (A/A)
-Orchestra (A/A)</p>

<p>Sophomore year:
-Computer programming (W--I withdrew from the class, so there's a W on my transcript. Will this affect me much?)
-Honors English (A/A)
-Honors Geometry (A/A)
-AP World History (B/B)
-Honors Chemistry (A/A)
-Spanish 3 (A/A)
-Orchestra (A/A)</p>

<p>Junior year:
-Honors pre-calc (A/A)
-AP US (B/B)
-AP English Language (B/A)
-Spanish 4 (A/A)
-Honors Physics (A/A)
-AP Chemistry (A/A for both lab and lecture of both semesters)</p>

<p>Senior year: I plan on taking...
-AP English Literature
-AP Statistics
-AP Calculus BC
-AP Physics C
-AP Economics</p>

<p>Extra curriculars:
-Piano lessons (1st-11th grade) I've received some rewards at festivals, competitions, and such. I also passed the Achievement In Music exam for level 12 (a college level exam, I might add) at the age of 15 (which, according to the judges, was really young).
-Violin lessons/orchestra (5th-10th grade) In 10th grade, I became section leader of the second violins.
-School community service club (10th-12th grade) I honestly don't know how many hours I have on this. Not excrutiatingly many, but somewhere in the hundreds.
-English tutor (11-12) I received credit on my transcript for this, and the hours also go toward community service.
-Math team (11-12)
-Science olympiad (11-12)
-Debate (10) I tried this for a year. Then I realized that I'm not the think-on-my-feet debating type.
-Class board (10) I also tried this for a year. I wasn't particularly fond of planning dances...especially when I didn't plan on going.</p>

-NHS (11-12)
-Piano awards. Nothing special. Probably not worth noting.
-Violin awards. Again, nothing special.
(I can't think of any more off the top of my head right now.)</p>

-Composite 32
-English 35
-Math 36
-Reading 27 (I've always sucked at this.)
-Science 31
-Writing/English 31</p>

<p>SAT II:
-Math 2: 800
-Chemistry: 760</p>

<p>AP tests:
-AP Human Geography 3
-AP World History 3
-AP US History 4
-AP English Language 3
-AP Chemistry 5</p>

<p>Anything else?
Thank you so very much!!!! :)</p>

<p>Purdue, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Michigan shouldn't be much of a problem. </p>

<p>Somewhat harder at Berkley, Urbana, UIL-Chic. </p>

<p>Stanford and UChicago are going to be tough.</p>

<p>Your course rigor isn't bad, but only one score of a 5 is kinda bad when you take 5 AP tests. Your GPA will be decent (3 B's overall isn't bad but isn't good). EC's aren't really good other than the Piano (I must congradulate you on this alone). Other than the piano though, you don't have any strong points.</p>

<p>Decent GPA/ACT/ SAT II. Nothing really stands out much from this app that is Stanford/UCB/Northwestern worthy. Purdue should be fine for you. University of Chicago may be a decently hard reach. Stanford would be a high-reach.</p>

<p>Conclusion: Your app lacks focus. You seem to be decent at a lot of things but don't specialize in any one thing. The lack of giving back to the community may make some colleges deny you. Also, being in clubs for 1-2 years doesn't reflect genuine interest as 3-4 years would. Also the lack of club positions shows inactivity (aka you join the club to put it on your app sort of thing.)</p>

<p>But the reason I've only been in some clubs for a few years was because I was trying other things....and it wasn't until my junior year that I realized that I really want to do stuff in the math/science department. Ergo, I joined Science Olympiad and Math Team.</p>