I think im going to transfer

<p>Currently I am enrolled at North Carolina State, this is my first semester, and in general dont like it much at all. Im from just 10 miles away from pittsburgh, and graduated from a VERY good high school with a 3.7 GPA. Im in NC States business program, but like I said, i dont like it much at all. I was wondering what my chances were at Univeristy of Pittsburgh as a transfer student. I didn't do very well on the ACT, got a 24, but had a 29 math. Like i said before my GPA was a 3.7 in hs, and I took honors science and math courses each year of high school, taking honors calc and receiving "pitt credits" in my junior year. There have been a lot of people from my school who got into pitt and really didnt seem to have the best stats in the world, what do you think my chances are for Pitts business program? Thanks.</p>

<p>You'll get in. UPitt has a very good up and coming b-school. I'm applying there now. It's my 2nd or third choice.</p>

<p>but you think ill get in even with my low ACT score? I am coming from a good high school that pitt accepts a lot of kids from. Im 2 points under their ACT average though which scares me, but I think my math section was decent for business at a 29. They weigh it more than the english sections, correct?</p>

<p>What school?</p>

<p>North Allegheny</p>

<p>XTina went there, how could you go wrong. :P
Wexford's nice. I'm sure you'll be fine from NASHS.</p>

<p>What do you know about Mt. Lebanon High btw?</p>

<p>Lebos a good school from what i know, Im pretty sure its in an upper class area like NA is with wexford, resulting in a better, well rounded education. Who is this Xtina girl, does she have IM?</p>

<p>XTina is Christina Aguilera. :P</p>

<p>Bro, you'll be fine. You did much better than me in HS and youre stressing. I'm not worried about getting into Pitt.</p>

<p>haha wow I figured it was someone on the board...</p>

<p>yeah shes a slut...</p>

<p>Im stressing cause I dont know how different it is for transfer students, thats why. I really miss the north!</p>

<p>any more comments?</p>


<p>please i want more commentS!</p>

<p>"XTina" might be the dumbest nickname i've ever seen. It's even worse than people being referred to by their initials.</p>

<p>edit: hope you're happy, Jethro.</p>

<p>llol do i have a chance?!!?</p>