I think my college is a Diploma Mill.

I hate my school but afraid to tell my parents. They are very strict and hard to talk to.

The school is called Harrisburg University of Science & Technology. located in Harrisburg PA.


  1. The school is 1 building.
  2. The admission counselor was very pushy. (calling my house a lot, lying to me about the success rate of my program and the successes of the school)
  3. No sports or activities(I’m always bored).
  4. Professors are not tenured (no job security).
  5. Graduation rate is about 12%. (some reports say 5% and others say 3%) . Retention rate is about 54%(some reports say 39%). School has no endowment, however they frozen their tuition twice in the last 5 years. How?
  6. Former President (Dr.Mel S.) resigned to take position as vice president at a Community College.
  7. University is involved in a CORRUPTION CASE dealing with the city’s mayor.
  8. School was first accredited in 2009, but is now on probation for misrepresenting data.
  9. School is private but taken money from city when unable to pay bills.
  10. The school has a partnership with a for-profit college in Philadelphia (Hussian School of Art). Students could take classes in Harrisburg or Philadelphia.

The titles of news articles:
Harrisburg University: Will it survive financial struggle?
Harrisburg University placed on probation by accrediting agency
Why Harrisburg University is a failure and how to save it
How the Provost screws every single Harrisburg University freshman.
Harrisburg University fails to make bond payment
Harrisburg University’s trustee says ‘technical default’ caused by failure to make early debt payment
Harrisburg University fails to address poor student outcomes
Is Harrisburg University doomed?
Harrisburg University continues to be deceptive about student enrollment

Should I be worried or should I finish my degree somewhere else? How to tell parents?

^Are you first year?

It does look like an odd college. Very new. But is non profit. It falls under a regional accreditation, which is the strongest but not necessarily an indication of quality. However it is on probation, not a good thing.

How long have you been attending? Any reason to pick it?

yes, i’m a first year student.

Could you not get in anywhere else? I would not choose this school.

I do think it is better to cut your losses here. How about you look into alternates so you can present a plan to the parents?

I was convinced it was a good school. I just started to do research about it.

Are you commuting or living there what is the budget for school?

I don’t know their budget. I live in their college apartment.

Abandon ship!

Would you come here?

I had a lot of college acceptances. It came back the cheapest with financial aid.

It you can afford a school with a better reputation, perhaps you should leave. How about Penn State Harrisburg?

How do I tell my parents? They are helping me pay. Would you go to Harrisburg University if they granted you admission?

Say you want to experience a real college campus and you want a school with more school spirit. Talk about the activities you would like to get involved in. These are some of the reasons why colleges are selected.

My parents REALLY like the school. I just don’t. I think Harrisburg University is phony.

Say you want a school with spirit? My parents value education over fun. They will stop paying (they did this to my sister).

Would you go to Harrisburg University if they granted you admission? Do you think the school is phony? How could a private college with no endowment, low graduation & retention rates freeze tuition? Should I be worried?

Why do your parents like the school, as opposed to other schools?

@sciencekid28 “Graduation rate is about 12%. (some reports say 5% and others say 3%) . Retention rate is about 54%(some reports say 39%)”

That is possibly the lowest graduation rate I have ever seen. The retention rate is terrible too. I would investigate other options right away. While you are investigating that, it is important to try to keep your grades up. That will make transferring easier.

Your parents should understand that a 12% graduation rate is not good.

My parents like: small class sizes, every major requires an internship, the school is STEM focused, the school is the cheapest with financial aid.

The university also claims that 92% of graduates find jobs.

Just from reading a few articles about it on the web, I don’t think it’s a diploma mill. It looks like it’s a legitimate school that’s simply struggling to get going.

@simba9 . Would you attend?