I think the end of my college career is now. Getting rescinded from UCSD.

<p>I got accepted to UCSD (it is the ONLY school I applied for as I already made up my mind ... either I get into UCSD or I quit school)</p>

<p>I applied as a Computer Engineering major with a little over 3.0+ gpa. Problem is that, this last spring 2010 semester, I've had a REALLY hard time focusing on school. A lot of distractions. (ie: Work, paying bills (I live in an apartment with a roommate), depression, a close friends death, lack of interest in teacher etc etc)</p>

<p>Long story short, I got not one, but TWO D's in my only two classes (both of the related to my major), which will plummet my gpa to mid 2's.</p>

<p>I understand that ULTIMATELY these things are all EXCUSES and quite frankly, I am beginning to wonder if college/school is really for me (since something always seems to go wrong).</p>

<p>Do you guys think I need to wait ANOTHER year before I re-apply and hope that I get in again? Since it looks like UCSD will EASILY withdraw my admission decision based on my 'lack of focus/pathetic grades'. </p>

<p>What are my options/possible outcome(s)?</p>

<p>If you are actually knowledgeable in this area, I'd appreciate some input.</p>

<p>It sounds like you need a break. Take a year and reapply.</p>

<p>:( For the past2 years, I've been going back and forth with the notion of dropping out.
Good idea? For the present moment, it seems possible, butttt the truth is it's just soo hard to get a job without one that having one is just like another thing you can put in your "adult" goodie basket lol.</p>

<p>I often wonder if school is for me, as it's a struggle and when I look at the list of majors, the only ones I find interesting are ones that are deemed are "useless." What can you do!?</p>

<p>For some, college just is NOT right and isn't the answer-I think I'm one of those people, but I'm too scared of the unknown and what I'd do without a degree that I'm just pushing through this (and having a good social life-or trying to at least!) to make up for the misery haaha. But it's really not THAT bad if you don't think of it like that :P)</p>

<p>Besides, there's a remote possibility some of the UC's will open up winter admissions. If so, you can apply in like 1 or 2 months! It'd be a long wait, but much less than waiting an entire year longer. I know UC Santa Cruz does that.</p>

<p>Good luckk! :)</p>

<p>Don't give up. Try to explain your situation and ask if you can take the courses over summer..</p>

<p>Meh, you're hella young. Sometimes, **** happens you know? Best thing you can do is get up on your horse and try again.</p>

<p>Did you get Ds in physics and calc or something? Lots of people do. If you take the classes over, UCSD will only count the new grade (an admissions rep told me this regarding Fs). </p>

<p>Best advice I can give is go register for next semester (maybe), sit back,relax. Maybe call UCSD admissions and tell them what happened and why. If you've got all of your prereqs otherwise they might overlook it. </p>

<p>If not, you have 2 semesters of community college on your hands. Not really that big a deal. </p>

<p>You can **** away a whole year doing nothing otherwise XD</p>

<p>@wwlink: 22/23 is really not young. Theoretically, I should have graduated already.</p>

<p>I have all my pre-reqs complete (up-to differential equations and all of physics), BUT these two D's are in my computer programming classes (C++ and Data Structures with Java)</p>

<p>The problem is that, I am afraid that I will NEVER apply again if I wait ANOTHER year.....(granted, Ive already wasted like 4 years at CC). Each month/year that goes by, I forget fundamentals (ie: calc etc) and loose interest slowly. On the flip side, if UCSD gives me a second chance (which looks VERY VERY SLIM), I will cut down 90% of my distractions and focus on studies. (ie: I will quit my job, sell my car, get a student loan and just study/sleep/eat all day).</p>

<p>I dunno, I feel really really out of it right now.</p>

<p>A Stanford Med student told me this at a presentation: "There's 100 minute in a game; you're at the 94th minute, when is victory?" </p>

<p>Answer from my perspective (reckoning that he even hinted it): Victory starts at the 95th minute. Forget the past and work for the future.</p>

<p>If I were you, I'd get on the phone with UCSD admissions ASAP and explain your situation in a realistic manner. If they say u'll be rescinded, then at least you can start planning ahead. If they let it go, then you can start changing your lifestyle.</p>

<p>If you were to stay at CC for one more year, you'd only have to retake those two classes right? You can use the year to reflect, work and make money, prepare for UCSD (or wherever else you end up going)... The possibilities are endless. Gotta see the other side of things.</p>

<p>The thing is, you make going to UCSD sound like a last resort. Transferring should be the start of something new. Even if you don't end up going to SD this year, why give up? You know you have a really good chance, too. Time should be the one thing that doesn't keep you from reaching your potential.</p>

<p>Cry me a river.. =T</p>

<p>You're not stupid. You made it this far. Congratulations for doing what few can do. Don't give up so soon, rescinded or not. If you're afraid you'll forget, then practice, but don't ever quit school. Learning is a lifelong responsibility.</p>

<p>Luther, 22/23 is young. With any luck, you'll live to 80 or more, so you're not even 1/4 there. </p>

<p>People freak out too much about college, it's not like you're going to spend your whole life doing the same thing anyway (well, maybe?). </p>

<p>But the worst thing is this idea that your entire life is decided for you by the time you're <em>insert age here</em>. It's as far and ridiculous from the truth as possible.</p>

<p>I applaud you for understanding what got you to this point. I agree with a previous poster that you should try to talk to UCSD and see if you can make up the classes over the summer. If the rest of your transcript is As and Bs, I am sure the admissions folks would see those Ds as seriously uncharacteristic of your performance. Doubly-so if you explain what happened over the semester. Best of luck, no matter what option you choose.</p>

<p>lol @ the term "adult goodie basket." I support taking a break. From what I gather, you are seriously overwhelmed. If you take all this pressure going INTO a university, it will get compounded. If you take a break and reapply, you'll have a much more relaxed mindset and you'll probably do better, since it is obviously affecting your performance now. So take a breather, gather your thoughts, and then go from there.</p>

<p>Hang in there, don't lose hopes just yet.
Call UCSD and explain your situation. Acknowledge your mistakes and tell them you're gonna get your acts together if they give you a second chance.
Good luck!</p>

<p>Another thing he can do afterwards if that doesn't work out (or if he feels the pressure is too much), is to take a semester off. :)</p>

<p>I feel ur pain my ucsd was rescinded too for something stupid like this.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice guys -- really.</p>

<p>I am wondering if its even remotely possible for UCSD to <em>not</em> rescind my admission given my circumstances. (if it even has a minute chance...) Should I even think about doing this? If so should I call a UCSD officer OR send them a typed/signed letter?</p>

<p>I can't even thinking of staying yet.. ANOTHER year to go through this again -- Not sure what I am going to do.</p>

<p>@karens: What were your circumstances by the way? Is it exactly as mine? Did you take any action against the decision?</p>


<p>You can give them a call and they can give you an idea of what will happen, but they won't give you any concrete answers. They'll tell you to report it on your application. You should just explain your situation and say that you will take summer school to make up for those two classes. Honestly, there's not much you can do from here so there's no use freaking out. What's done is done and you can only try to make the best of it. Goodluck!</p>

<p>Good luck with whatever happens man. UCSD was the only school I got into and they put me into ERC which as an Electrical Engineering major will make my 3+ year time to graduation even longer making it unreasonable for me to go there. I'm not done fighting and I'm going to keep trying to get out and if I don't I'll be in your shoes and back at community college. </p>

<p>I can empathize with you as personally I'm also worried that I will just give up and quit school if I go back to JC, I mean it's going to be REALLY hard to be back at JC when all my friends have transfered and I have had that admission. You can't give up though, based on your OP you've gone through 2 years of math that makes most people quiver in fear and a year and half of physics, thats too much to give up for a well... not to sugar coat it a pretty big set-back. I feel your pain also, I'm 20 (21 in a month) and it's going to take me well over 3 years to graduate putting me at almost 25 if all things go to plan and I can walk in June 2014, and yeah it's hard to not feel like you're really behind and what not. But I mean as a JC student I'm sure you've had people in their 30's-40's taking classes with you and I mean it may be hard but you have to remember your still young and many people would KILL to be in your shoes.</p>

<p>Anyways good luck again with whatever happens, I hope you don't get rescinded. There aren't enough kids who aspire to be engineers/scientists/mathematicians and it would be really too bad if this set-back (which hasn't happened yet) stopped you.</p>