I Think USPS Is Messing With My College Mail

<p>I got various college mail already opened in my mail box. NYU, GWU and St. John's mail have been open when they arrive at my house. One SJU envelope has been opened, and when I sign onto the UIS (my application status portal) everything has changed and now I can pay my bills and select with laptop to get for free, it seems as though some decision has been made. What should I do??</p>


<p>Go to your local post office and talk to them. It is possible that your SJU envelope was accidentally delivered to another house ... sometimes those envelops stick together ... and if the person opened it thinking it was there, they may have logged in with your info. Perhaps they realized it was not their, put the info back in the mailbox and then it was delivered to you. My S has received college mail that has been over handled, almost like it could have been opened, but nothing unreasonable given the wave of college mail that comes in the early fall.</p>

<p>Your parents are doing a bad job resealing envelopes and pointing you where they want you to go.</p>

<p>Beolein is probably right...your mail carrier is not a likely suspect, but your parents are a different story.</p>

<p>HAHA- The college sent it to me, my parents did not send anything, I can lick my own envelopes.</p>