I thought there were only 300 2400s

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<p>She said that 4000 perfect scores each year apply to princeton which doesn't really make any sense because only 300 kids get it, and probably only like half of them (150) even apply to princeton.</p>

<p>Maybe only 300 kids get a perfect every test date? And maybe some people who aced the SAT took it back when they were sophs? IDK...</p>

<p>The data is here;</p>

<p><a href="http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat-percentile-ranks-composite-cr-m-w-2010.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://professionals.collegeboard.com/profdownload/sat-percentile-ranks-composite-cr-m-w-2010.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>In 2010 there were 382 perfect (M + CR + W) scores (one sitting).</p>

<p>There were 1300 perfect (M + CR) scores (one sitting)</p>

<p>With superscores the number of 2400 scores is no doubt higher, but it is unlikely to be more than 1000 or so.</p>

<p>Clearly not every with a perfect score applies to Priceton, so the "4000" figure is clearly misinformation.</p>

<p>Only 382 people get perfect scores.
If 4000 people got perfect scores, it wouldn't be that great of an achievement.</p>

<p>i would do anything for a 2400....</p>

<p>^^ Would you study?</p>

<p>Haha. I saw this earlier and was going to post a similar response. In my case, I would do anything as long as I didn't have to study. Can't study for standardized tests (or really anything in general...), too boring.</p>

<p>Well perhaps she meant 4000 perfect SUPERSCORED applicants. Don't forget superscored ACT. Still seems off because I doubt more than 3/4 would apply to Princeton.</p>

<p>I guess she could also be using ther word perfect loosely. I'd consider a 2350/35 close enough to group them together with perfect scorers.</p>

<p>Princeton superscores SAT but not ACT. Thus, in reporting any perfect scores the information that is likely readily available from its computers is number of 2400s using superscoring and number of 36s not using it. </p>

<p>The testing agencies, CB and ACT, annually report number of graduating seniors who made perfect scores in a single test at any time they took the test between freshman and senior year of high school. In other words, the numbers reported annually are not for test takers for that calendar year but for all seniors over the time they were in high school. Back when SAT had only two sections, CR and math, there would usually be just under 1,000 perfect scores reported by CB each year. They once mentioned that the total via superscoring was over 4,000. I would guess that number may be close to true today with three sections and a couple hundred thousand more students taking the test annually. In any event, the 4,000 Princeton figure, even using superscoring, is probably an exaggeration but possibly not by a huge amount.</p>

<p>That girl is an idiot.</p>

<p>Less people get a 600...lol. I'd be thoroughly impressed if I actually saw a 600. It's very difficult to get that many wrong...</p>

<p>^Actually, to score 600 (200 in each section) you must get them all wrong (you cannot leave any blank for which nothing is taken off). There used to be, back before the SAT added the writing secttion, a group of people that included college professors, college students, and others, who would take the SAT to try to get the 400 score. Don't know if they still exist. I remember one professor reporting his story of how it took him four or five tries to finally hit the lowest score.</p>

<p>@monarchry </p>

<p>haha i studied really really hard but it's harder than you think. You can go crazy studying and doing everything right but once you get up to like 2350+ it's all luck</p>

<p>She said "a" Perfect SAT score, so maybe she meant A SCORE, not the 3 total scores?
Which would make more sense, but eh maybe she was just a dummy.</p>

<p>later she said "and I did not have a 1600 [sic] SAT score"</p>

<p>She had to have meant a perfect score, not just an 800 on a single section.</p>

<p>the admission woman is either really dumb or is trying to intimidate you</p>

<p>You can tell we're on cc...:) Maybe by "perfect score'' she didn't mean 2400, but anything above 2300+ or whatever...just a good score. Those are perfect too.</p>

<p>She must mean perfect score with at least one of (M, CR, W).</p>