I took the ACT, but do I still need to submitt my SAT2 scores to make me look better?

<p>I got 30 on my ACT and I am planning on taking it again and get a 32. I am just wondering if I should take more SAT 2 tests (I took the math2 and got 760) and also submit them.
My problem is that I got a very low score on my SAT1, and Yale requires you to submit all your SAT scores. DO you guys think that i should submit my SAT2 scores or the ACT is enough?</p>

<p>How low a SAT I score?</p>

<p>If your first SAT was sub 2100 is may be best not to send. Sending the ACT alone is fine, though a lot of applicants also send their SAT to show consistency.</p>