I turned __________ down for Duke

<p>I saw this on the Princeton thread, and it seemed like it could be interesting!</p>

<p>There's a thing like this on the facebook group discussion board.</p>

<p>Turned down Columbia, Amherst, Dartmouth, Georgetown SFS</p>

<p>^Omg so jealous. I would do anything to go to Columbia!!! I turned down Georgetown, Rice, UChicago, and Northwestern.</p>

<p>i turned down UPenn, Vanderbilt, Tulane, and then some in-state schools. excited for Duke though! :D</p>

<p>State Schools, Cornell, WUStL, Dartmouth, Northwestern</p>

<p>What</a> schools did you all turn down for Duke? | Facebook</p>

<p>seems to be what puneur was mentoning.</p>

<p>I didn't get into any other school, including state schools, except Duke.</p>

<p>A couple of kids in this forum turned down Princeton</p>

<p>^ I turned down Princeton! And some other schools! YAY DUKE!</p>

<p>I turned down Stanford and full ride to WashU!!! GO BLUE DEVILSSS.</p>

<p>^Soo jealous. I live.. like right next to Stanford Q.Q</p>

<p>Welcome to the best university in the world everybody!!!</p>

<p>Turned down Cornell, Emory, Hopkins. SO EXCITED :)</p>

<p>my girlfriend</p>

<p>haha, jk.</p>