I turned down _________ for Princeton

<p>pretty self explanitory :P</p>

<p>I turned down YALE for PRINCETON.</p>

<p>Stanford, Berkeley Regents, and the Johnson Scholarship at W&L</p>

<p>duke dartmouth cornell amherst, and regents at UC berk and UCLA</p>

<p>Good post, create the same thread for all top colleges, it will help rising seniors and beyond .</p>

<p>^I disagree. It should be of absolutely no use to rising seniors. Kids make choices between colleges for very personal and varied reasons. No student should be influenced by the specific choices of others.</p>

<p>Agreed- may be of gratuitous interest, but hardly valid as a decision-maker.</p>

<p>I turned down Stanford and full rides at Berk and Rice for Princeton.</p>

<p>I turned down 10k/year at Chicago (the school that I had been obsessed with for over a year) as well as Duke, half-tuition at Rice, and a full ride to Texas Plan II and Dean's Scholars for Princeton.</p>

<p>MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, Brown, Penn</p>

<p>Penn, Brown, Cornell, Rice, Michigan Half-tuition</p>

<p>Um. Penn, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, NYU (full-tuition), Rice, Wash U & USP program, UChicago (10k), JHU (ugh!), Tulane, Georgetown, and Vanderbilt for Princeton...but it was obviously well worth it. =)</p>

<p>Stanford, Hopkins, and UChicago. </p>

<p>Totally worth it.</p>

<p>if u want to help rising seniors, you should also include a thread for
"i turned down princeton for _____"</p>

<p>full ride NO parental or student contrib. at Columbia <em>but had a full ride at Princeton</em>
Boston Uni.

<p>Lol last couple don't count</p>

<p>Carnegie Mellon HSS program, Columbia Undergrad Scholars Program, Cornell, Duke, Hopkins, Michigan, Penn, Tufts, Wash U</p>

<p>Harvard, Yale, UPenn, Columbia, Dartmouth, MIT, Barnard, Johns Hopkins BME</p>

<p>UChicago-- without a second thought</p>

<p>WUSTL, Georgetown, Michigan Honors (full)</p>

<p>Penn, Dartmouth, Cornell, Brown, Duke, Rice Trustee, Burkerley Regents,</p>