I turned down ____________ for Penn

<p>Self explanatory...</p>

<p>dartmouth, vandy (full tuition scholarship), brown, yale, duke, etc</p>

<p>... I only applied to Penn.. I'm a lucky guy.. ; ) transfer student no less..</p>

<p>Princeton, Yale, Harvard, Georgetown, Cornell, Dartmouth...etc</p>

<p>Dont know if those count exactly, but I was guaranteed admission into all of them, before I applied ED to Penn.</p>

<p>Princeton, Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Duke, U Chicago, Northwestern, Rice, Georgetown, Amherst, Pomona, UCBerkeley, and a few others.</p>

<p>@RTGrove: Did you get off Yale's waitlist at some point? Are you still on Harvard's?</p>

<p>PA Bank - Wow you were guaranteed admission to Harvard, Yale, etc? Are you a recruited athlete or how did you know this?</p>

<p>turned down cooper union and purdue</p>

<p>That I am Cue7. Thankfully, All-American+NMF gave me many options.</p>

<p>Turning down Columbia and Cornell for Penn</p>

<p>Princeton, UChicago , UNC-Chapel Hill, UVa, Columbia, Harvard</p>

<p>im transfer but i turned down dartmouth, cornell, brown, johns hopkins, and georgetown</p>

<p>LOVIN IT HERE!!</p>

<p>Hopkins, UVA, UMD, UDel, Drexel</p>

<p>Northwestern, Georgetown, NYU, Chicago (waitlisted)</p>