I used IB Credit for Bio 1, Am I Screwed?

I’m a freshman in college and I am planning on majoring in biology on a pre-med track. I got IB credit for my Intro Bio1 course and I decided to use. After doing research I realized that a lot of people don’t recommend using the credit when doing a pre-med track and biology major. I wish I had known this in hindsight. I am also trying to transfer into a college next year and therefore I have a tough decision to make. Should I take bio 1 next semester and make it more tough to transfer into that University, or should I tough it out and just take Bio2 next semester? I am also curious about if med-schools care that you use credit for an intro course.

There are more pre-med experts in the pre-med forum section, but the usual recommendation is to take an additional upper level biology course covering similar topics at a more advanced level, rather than taking the college course on the same material and having to mark “repeat” on the medical school application for the college course. This is probably not too much of an issue for you since you say that you will major in biology.

However, if you transfer to a different college, you may be forced to repeat your IB credit if your new college does not accept it in substitution for its own introductory biology course.

Thank you! I checked with my university I am transferring into and they accept the credit thankfully!