I used the wrong word in my supplemental essay

Hey all!

In my UMICH community essay, I accidentally wrote “steaming conjunction” instead of “steaming pot”. Honestly, I must have just been lost when writing that because I have no idea how it even got into my head. Haha I know it sounds crazy but do you think this would impact admissions? Thanks!

As someone who has read literally thousands of essays, I think the impact is minimal. Of course it depends on the context and how jarring the typo is during the reading process, but all in all, most admission officers will just shrug it off. In case you were wondering, accidently writing the wrong college’s name in the essay isn’t a good look but it shouldn’t impact admissions

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So long as you do not blame it on “my ghostwriter”, you should be okay.

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Haha! Love it! If I were an AO reading the essay, I think I would probably react with amusement and chalk it up to a typo. I certainly wouldn’t toss your app. I think you will be fine.


I like it as a more visual way of saying melting pot - a melting pot with some sizzle perhaps- unless you are literally talking about a pot of something on the stove. Can’t imagine it would make a difference.

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Hello! For context, the entire sentence is “In the kitchen, I observed her tossing carrots, tofu, and spices into the steaming conjunction.” As you can tell, this makes absolutely zero sense. But thank you for your feedback, it’s reassuring and I appreciate it!

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Hahahaha! That’s hilarious! Don’t worry, really. I think you probably made an AO laugh.

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Thank you!!

Don’t worry - could be a lot worse. Check out one of the funniest CC threads ever. This student accidentally listed “clam fart” as an activity on their Yale application … and got in!

Perhaps you might have been thinking of “the steaming concoction” instead of “conjunction”. Don’t worry.