I (used) to go to Purchase College, ask away!

<p>I was looking at this college, and was talking to my sister, a senior in college, about it. One thing she was worried about was the population size. I've heard there's about 4,000 students going there, and my sister said that was small and I might see the same people all the time. Is this true? And if so, was it bad?</p>

<p>I’m an international student from Colombia thinking about starting my Masters in voice and opera performance at Purchase. Any info or advice you can give me will be well recieved. Thnks</p>

<p>hey… I am a student athlete and I’m looking to study physical education, biology, or world history. I am looking forward to becoming a gym teacher and some day a head coach. I also would minor in reporting. Furthermore I want to know about the academic requirement, credits transferable, tuition, culture of the school, the facilities, professors, resources, sports(basketball, volleyball) and campus life, off campus life as well</p>

Any insights into a vocal major at Purchase? My daughter is interested in jazz, pop, soul. It would be great if she could also take some art classes or acting. Can one double-major? thanks.