I (used) to go to Purchase College, ask away!

<p>Hey guys, I attended Purchase College for two years, and just recently transferred for the upcoming Fall 09 semester. I know quite a bit about Purchase, and I would love to help anyone out if they have any questions about the school. </p>

<p>While I was an undeclared major, I took many economics/business courses and was hired by the school to tutor fellow students. I have many friends in every program that the school offers, and I know my fair share of housing, professors, and other Purchase College facts. Feel free to reply to this thread or PM me if you have any questions. </p>

<p>Best of luck! :D</p>

<p>Hey, I'm thinking of transferring to Purchase for the Spring 2010 semester... would you know if there is housing for transfer students? Even better, is housing guaranteed for transfer students? Thanks</p>

<p>So...what is it really like socially on campus? What groups dominate the social scene? How would a private school kid fit in? Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Artsygirl23, </p>

<p>Transfer students do get housing. I'm not sure if it's guaranteed or not (my guess is a waitlist), but I do know some transfer students who got placed in Fort Awesome their first year. (Great dorm for doubles, AC/own bathrooms, starbucks on the ground floor, etc). Since your an upperclassmen, you shouldn't get placed in the Freshman dorms (ei: big haus, crossroads, or farside). I would say you would either get Outback, Fort Awesome, or any of the Apartments. Definitely call ResLife to see if housing is guaranteed for accepted transfers.</p>

<p>Kalodie, </p>

<p>I wouldn't say a specific group "dominates" the social scene. Everyone does their own thing. It tends to be a bit click-y, since actors tend to hang out/party with actors, dancers with dancers, etc. You usually form a group of friends, and stick with them. Drink with your friends, go out with your friends, etc.</p>

<p>Socially, (I'm going to be a bit honest here), I wasn't a big fan of it at all. In fact, it was one of my major reasons for transferring out. Majority of the students at Purchase (mainly Liberal Arts. Those musicians/dancers/actors are generally really dedicated to their craft), are solely there to have a good time. You'd be hardpressed to find any intellectuals who care about anything other than letting loose. </p>

<p>While there can be an occasional good party every weekend, it is generally very repetitive. Parties usually get broken up by midnight or 1am. I'd say a lot of the parties turns out to be one big make-out session. </p>

<p>One thing you should take advantage of, is going to the free acoustic shows @ the Co-Op. There are a lot of talented musicians. If you end up and go to to Purchase, keep an eye out for solo acts like Melissa Ahern, Kelly Izzo, and Nick Corbo, they all put on great shows. </p>

<p>**I'm sorry. I should have mentioned that I don't really respect the social scene @ Purchase too much. I support their resources, their professors, and the education they offer because at the price they ask for, it's a steal. But in my honest point of view, I feel like majority of the students ruined the experience for me. </p>

<p>Hope I helped. Sorry if I was a bit delayed. I'll check this thread more often. Keep them coming!</p>

<p>^^^Thanks...any other reasons you are transferring? How about the quality of the education and job placement? I am considering Film Studies...also considering Tisch but the price difference is so very huge. Any thoughts?</p>

<p>Another thing...how about campus safety?</p>

<p>I'm glad I can offer words. </p>

<p>I was a liberal arts student, studying economics so I do not have a great understanding on the film program, only by word of mouth and referrals for some actors/directors I befriended. I haven't done any research to back it up, but I've heard their film studies program it really good! Applying to their conservatories is the only way to go @ Purchase (And I heard their arts management program is good as well). </p>

<p>I'm not really sure on the specific quality of Job Placement, or Education. But from my observations, film kids are generally busy doing class work. I've never actually seen some of the work done by Film Students, because as I've said before, they usually keep to themselves (I'm not sure why, because networking is key). </p>

<p>While I've heard many good things about Purchase's film program, NYU Tisch is the top dog. Yes, I transferred out of Purchase to NYU, so I may be a bit biased, but I've witnessed both facilities, alumni, and networking opportunities both schools have to offer. </p>

<p>Yes, NYU's tuition is astronomically bigger, but the opportunities the school brings definitely outweigh it. Tisch's resources and facilities are State-of-the-Art. (Best known for producing the most success of their alumni). They receive the most donations out of any NYU school because their home-grown alumni generously do so. I made a couple of friends who are also transfering in, but into Tisch. The first comments they made were how impressive the facilities/alumni are, and how easy you can obtain (people to audition, crew, cast, equiptment, etc) with an NYU brand name. </p>

<p>Don't get it twisted, because for the price of Purchase, it's a very good value. But also know that you get what you pay for. It's not like you won't see a difference in quality if you go to NYU compared to Purchase. </p>

<p>Tisch is the Ace for Film school. But if you go to Purchase College, it's a very solid school for film. </p>

<p>As for security. I've never had a problem, or any moment where I felt unsafe. The only thing that's ever been a problem was theft issues. There's been a couple of them at the Co-Op (a free venue for acoustic acts), but no physical assaults or anything of that matter. The ONE thing that really annoyed me, is that EVERYONE has to pay for community damages. So if some kid is tripping on acid and decides to break a huge window of a lobby in a dormitory, it gets divided up for everyone in THAT building, and you pay your $15 to $20 share.</p>

<p>Thanks for your insights. Maybe I was not clear but my interest at Purchase is Film Studies which is a LA major, not Film production which is in the conservatories. So I guess I know your answer based on the above. Obviously Tisch is the top on the east coast but I am honestly looking for back up plans on the notion I would not get in with it being so selective. Did you find it easy to transfer? That is my long range plan...a couple years of Purchase and then transfer to Tisch. Yes there are other schools that offer film/cinema studies as a major but why leave the NYC area? Most other programs seems to be an after thought for some Liberal Arts Colleges which I think would be a waste of time and money and I like the idea of saving a few bucks by going to Purchase a couple of years. Any dorm insights? And thanks again...this has been really very helpful.</p>

<p>It's not a problem! I was on the same boat as you are in. I enjoy helping the people who really care about their future and career. Should you need more advice or opinions in the long run, I'd be more than happy to assist. </p>

<p>I think your long term plan is very solid. You can knock out all the GenEd's within two years, and focus on your major when you transfer. Also, as you mentioned, save half the tuition (I saved about a good $120,000 transferring into my Junior year). It's certainly not easy transferring into any prestigious school, but it's absolutely do-able. It just depends on how much you work and how badly you want it. I know a few people who transfered from Purchase to Upenn, which motivated me on making the jump. </p>

<p>In my story, I did not do well in High School, and resorted to Purchase for two years. I was an absolute underachiever. Didn't care about school. Graduated with a 3.2ish, no EC's, and a whomping 1500/2400 on the SAT's. I picked up my game @ Purchase (and it helped that the courses were easy as a freshman). I did very well in my Freshman year, resulting in a 3.96. This also won me a couple of scholarships to make the price less cheap (If you do well, you automatically obtain Purchase Merit Scholarships). I progressed towards upperclassman courses as a sophomore, and ended up being hired by the School's Tutoring center to instruct Junior's/Seniors. It's not the matter of intellegence here, because most students lack the motive, and you can really use it to your benefit for cashing in on titles, positions, academic standing, etc. </p>

<p>The lack of club activities on campus can also allow you to obtain officer positions. I can go on and on for advice on transfering out of Purchase. With what you should focus on, etc, but that can be another thread (and I don't think you asked for it, so apologies about ranting)</p>

<p>One clear advice though, becareful of the addiction Purchase College can bring. I was miserable for two years, but for some reason, whenever I was away from campus, I missed it. I do know that many of my friends at Purchase love it there, but that's because it's all they know, or their only option (hopefully none of them reads that part). Keep visiting other schools to diverse your perceiption of college. </p>

<p>It took me two years to finally go through with transfering, and I originally wanted to apply after my first semester. Reasons can vary, but on a comical and personal note: Don't get wrapped up with a girlfriend (or boyfriend, if that's your case) and let that person distract you from your long term plans. Believe me... it's NOT good :p</p>

<p>I'm not sure you are the best resource for giving advice for Purchase - especially to students who are dedicated artists in the fields of dance, theatre, music, film. For those students, Purchase is a fabulous place to study - there are three conservatories on campus all of which have incredible faculty and facilities. The proximity to NYC is also a plus for students auditioning, taking workshops, or attending performances. The performance majors at Purchase were chosen through competitive auditions and many chose Purchase over other programs such as Fordham or NYU. I am only saying that as a economic major who chose Purchase for non-arts reasons, you probably are not the best resource for potential conservatory majors.</p>

<p>So Im a senior this year my average is alright. maybe early 80s.
I want to get into Purchase but idk if they'll accept me.</p>

<p>My math on the sats was terrible.
English was above average.</p>

<p>I want to be a film director/writer</p>

<p>Interesting that OP was not an arts major and transferred. The quality of non-arts programming is the subject of another thread on the Purchase board. </p>

<p>So remy_enders, why did you transfer? Is Purchase "worth it" for a student who does not intend to major in the arts?</p>

<p>Any comments for a possible studio art major who is also considering RISD, Cooper Union (long shot) etc and small liberal arts schools like Marlboro? From the midwest, not NY but have very close family living in Manhattan. Student at classical Latin high school, numerous APs, scored five on the first test so far, still a junior but getting portfolio going. The worry is that the liberal arts part, such as philosophy classes, lit, etc., will not be as stimulating as it could be and that will not be offset however good the studio art program is. Love NYC!</p>

<p>Would love any comments! Thanks</p>

<p>Hey..I Live in The Bronx nd I Attend a Performing Arts School. I Major in Dance however I Do Not Want To Major in Dance in College..I was Wondering Can I Major in Something Else and maybe Minor in Dance ??? Also How Is the Broadcast Journalism at Purchase ??? I really want to Become a Reporter</p>

<p>I know that you didn't go into the Art Department from what you've said in this topic, but have you heard anything good in general about the Drawing Major there? I'm still in high school, but I was wondering if it had a good Drawing program because I want to be a video game concept artist. Do you think Purchase is a good college to attend for me, or should I be looking at a different college?</p>

<p>Hello its been a month and still no response</p>

<p>Hi! I live in NY and I would love to major in dance possibly at Purchase College. I don't know if you know anything about it, but I was wondering how hard it is to make it into the college considering auditions and everything. I have all A's only I have limited experiece in dance. I take ballet and modern, but only three classes a week and I didn't start untill I was thirteen. Any information you have would be helpful!</p>

<p>Chelseaaa, I attend a performing arts school and most of my pears would like to attend purchase for dance also. I know that if you audition for dance and you don't make it then you can't go to the school at all. That's why my teacher said it's a better idea to apply for the school and just take dance classes. Unless your a really good dancer then I would just apply and not audition.</p>

<p>Hi. My son is transferring in as a sophmore and will be living in Ft. Awesome. He'll be in the New Media Program - any comments about that? Thanks.</p>