I want a future, but where do i start?

<p>First and foremost, allow me to appologise if this thread has been posted in the wrong area. I couldn't really find a good place too put it. </p>

<p>Okay so let's get too the point. Basically I did all those things your parents tell you not too do because youll regret it, and at the time, as most kids do, I thought I wouldn't. One of the biggest regrets I have right now is dropping out of High school and getting my GED instead. I understand now that thats really going to come back and bite me in that special place I reserve for my pants. </p>

<p>I went to a pretty much fake school for a while. PJCA (or penobscott job corps academy) which is basically a non acredited trade school, where I took culinary thinking I would love it. Well I dont hate it but i can't see myself being happy cooking for the rest of my life. after the fake graduation at Job Corps I went on to hold several jobs and "make a life for myself." and by that I mean rent a skuzzy (spelling?) appartment with a roomate. ive spent the last two (three?) years of my life going from job to job, trying to make ends meat, and of course, living paycheck to paycheck. Most of my jobs were in sales, telemarketing to be more precise (but only one brief job doing outbound, I did mostly inbound). But then i got sick of the moral poo that came attached to any job in that industry. I now work at Staples, and actually its not that bad, but again I don't want too spend the rest of my life as a cashire.</p>

<p>So, basically I find myself stuck betoween a rock and a hard place. My girlfriend of 2 years has decided to go back to school, and now I'm actually releshing the idea aswell. I would love to go to college, get some sort of degree, and go on to do bigger and better things with my life. Exactly what I'm not so sure yet. Maby I'm setting my sights way to high for a GED holder, but law is interesting. Not sure if its possible though. I figure i have plety of time to figure the specifics out, weather i want to study law, psychology, computers, whatever, i can figure out later. </p>

<p>My question is simple: where do I start? How do I find 4 year schools willing to accept GED students. Or is there something i need too do before that? lets say I decide I want too look into law, are there specific classes ill want to take in regular college in order to get to law school? Or lets say Law is out of the question at this point. I suppose while wrighting this I'm realising that I probably need to figure out first what my options are. </p>


<p>I have a GED and no HSD, ide like to know what proffessions are compleetly out of the question, what kind of schools I can get into, and where to start looking at colleges and futures.</p>

<p>Go to a CC, then transfer into a good 4 year</p>

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<p>Sorry if this is ignorant but what is GED?
And HSD is high-school diploma right?</p>

<p>You are a good example of what we hope will happen when kids choose not to look at the future right out of high school. Lots of people go to college and law school later when it really means someting to them after seeing what the other option is.</p>

<p>A community college is the best place to start unless you had strong grades in high school and took SATs. It is also the only type of college most in your situation can afford. Do really well and you should have several options after 2 years to complete undergrad at a good 4 year school. Good luck!</p>

<p>A GED is a general equivilency diploma. its an alternative to getting a high school diploma and basically proves your atleast equivilent in intellegence to a high school graduate.</p>

<p>thanks for your help guys.</p>