i want help on why wellesley college!!!

<p>especially those of you guys who were accepted to wellesley!!! (lucky!!)
since I don't have much information about wellesley, my essay is reaaaaally bad.
I seriously don't have much information about school.. (i know the MIT joint program which I really like)
I haven't received any brochure, which my friend got.
can you guys send me a message / comment on reasons you like about wellesley?</p>

<p>and ...... also I am not sure how to handle the why essays...
I'm really bombarded with why essays. ha
um can it be more based on factual things that i like about schools? or does it have to have majority of the essay on my feelings about school? or combination maybe???</p>

<p>Hmmm perhaps my reply might be too late since the essay is due soon?</p>

<p>Make your essay a combination of facts or feelings, depending on what really drew you into the school. Schools like specifics, a lot of people write that they think the campus is pretty or that Wellesley has a neat reputation, but not many write about how they fell in love with the science equipment or research opportunities or languages, etc.</p>

<p>um well mine was why emory, i talked about me exp. with grads/students/tours and how i cud fit in and add</p>

<p>YEAH I pretty much finished it, thanks guys!!!</p>