I want my rights - Proctor was incompetent.

<p>I had spanish with listening, then writing. Spanish was OK, but on the writing part the proctor left the room and was substituted by a woman. She mistook the time we had started and told us to stop writing the essay 30 minutes before the end. Needless to say the time left was not enough for the multiple choice, so I left about 15 answers blank.</p>

<p>Where can I search for my rights? I don't want my spanish test cancelled, I don't even want my writing test cancelled because it was not my fault. the problem is that I am a senior and dont have any dates left for retaking it, since in december i take sat 1. Can you help me?</p>

<p>For something like that they'll likely cancel the entire test and make everyone re-take. That's too bad. I con't see any other way around it. Were other students discussing this when the lest was over? What did everyone say they would do about it?</p>

<p>My proctor ripped me off for 2.5 mins!</p>

You mean they will cancel the all tests? that's bad coz the spanish went ok.
When will they allow us to retake it? It better be soon at a custom chosen date (not the standart ones).
We were about 6 people on the second test and 5 of us took writing. All of us 5 were unsatisfied and wanted compensation. The other one had another test, and had nothing to complain about since she had his full 60 minutes. A girl from these 5 said she was going to call college board directly. I contacted them via their web site.</p>


<p>just to let you know, the last administration for both the old SAT I and the writing SAT II is in January. Therefore, even though you are taking the old SAT I in December, perhaps you can retake the writing in January?</p>

<p>the power flickered on and off twice during the test, then it started to strobe, seizure style. but, being the warrior I am, I persevered. lol boost internet ego.</p>

That ridiculous - I wanted these scores for my early decision choice, now they won't be ready even for most universities regular. It just aint fair. There has got be a decent compensation for the proctors incompetence.</p>

<p>Also, I did not understand whether they are going to cancel my spanish as well?</p>

<p>guys, at my test center the proctor let a girl run home and fetch her forgotten tape player for the listening test. We all had to wait like 40 minutes for her. He let her because she was a student in his school. Unbelievable..... Can I report this???</p>

<p>I want my rights!</p>

<p>No, they'll probably cancel the scores of the test that was taking place at that time in this testing center room. It's happened before.....I recall last year's test takers complanining of a problem and later being notified that the scores would be cancelled. </p>

<p>Lehigh- What other solution would you propose?</p>

<p>I dont think it is fair - I am so in panic. I contacted admission officers in Lehigh, the College Board, all my relatives. I don't think I would be able to sleep now.</p>

<p>There is no way out! I thought about being given a new test in about a week or so, but I don't think the powerfull College Board would bother doing such a thing. There is no other way to improve my 680 writing score from june for early decision.</p>

<p>It is not fair... There has got to be another way.</p>

<p>Yeah, this is a bad situation for you. But, don't panic. You can demonstrate ability to handle challenging situations and stress....something most selective collges try to measure in other ways. </p>

<p>Ask the College Board for a written explanation of the situation and confirmation that you attemped the test and were unable to complete it due to the proctor's error. (or maybe CB won't say what happened, specifically...but will simply say that the scores are being cancelled for this testing center on this date.) Either way, they should confirm that you were there for Writing. I would give that statement and a writing sample (essay, whatever) similar to that required on the SATII to the school of your choice. You should write a formal letter requesting consideration of an additional writing sample because of the lack of opportunity to demonstrate your talent on the College Board. Although you took the Writing test in the past, you didn't have the same opportunity to retake as other students. </p>

<p>Life is full of situations just like this. You're lucky to have this opportunity to demonstrate your character to the colleges on yor list. Make the most of it. And, 680 isn't bad. Calm down.</p>

<p>Interesting point, momsdream. Thanks for the suggestion!
However, colleges receive at least one piece of writing by me when applying - my personal statement. Would they like another one too? By the way I already sent my documents to Lehigh.
But about the written explanation - I will try it!
680 isn't so bad, therefore I panic - I decided to improve an already good score and would end up having less than 500 the second time if my request is not processed.</p>

<p>It doesn't matter that you sent your app in already. You can send this info to them once you pull it together. You should plan to re-take in Dec for any schools with later app deadlines. I assume you applied ED to Lehigh....great school! And, yes, I think you should send another writing sample.....make it short......no more than a page. If they don't feel like reading it, they won't. But you'll have made the effort and they'll have a hard time holding your 680 against you of it comes down to that being the "gotcha" in your app. </p>

<p>You'll have demonstrated that you don't whine about problems and injustices without offering a solution to the problem.</p>

<p>that happened in America too ? My sympathy, I'd been through this situation.</p>

<p>Don't report anything !!! u have to accept it, I sent them an email complaining a few things and my test scores were delayed until yesterday, they would have been cancelled if I hadn't fax a request to CB to cancel my complaint !!! Ah, life's just so unfair sometimes !!! I was damn right but no one backed me up, sad !!!</p>

<p>In toronto, they did the same thing!!! goto a different testing centre, Twice, Twice i had the same god damn proctor that ripped me off 3-4 min per section.!!!! Let's all complain to the collegeboard!!!!</p>

<p>30 mins b4 the end!? that's outrageous. so basically you had 30 mins to write an essay and answer mc questions?</p>

<p>you know, you ARE allowed to go to the MC section when youre done with the essay.</p>

<p>The proctor is supposed to tell you when to end the essay. I did not have a watch. Even after the 30 mins, I still could improve some things on my essay.
I was so in thought about the essay, that I relied only on the proctor.</p>

<p>I would have probably killed the proctor, but this is why it is so important to keep your own time.</p>