I want to get a professional judgment but I have some difficulty

I would like to get a professional judgement to fix my FAFSA because I made an error on the financial section. The issue is that my father filed his tax return late in 2021 and the IRS still hasn’t processed his returns due to the issues the IRS had back then, so his tax transcript for 2019 is unavailable. My school’s financial aid office was able to let me receive financial aid for this semester without the transcript because of the mess the IRS is in. However, according to my school’s financial aid office, I can’t file a professional judgment without the transcript which I don’t have. So, what do I do?!

Have you talked to the IRS? I assume the school won’t take a copy of taxes filed. Does the financial aid office have any suggestions? Is your father resolving the issues?

I’m confused. The tax return filed in 2021 would have been for Tax year 2020….not tax year 2019.

Taxes for 2019 should have been filed in 2020…sometime.

Please clarify.

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Yes, he already filed. He was just late.


Are you look’ing for professional judgment for the current academic year…2021-2022? Then yes, the 2019 taxes are what needed to be filed.

But my point is…these taxes were supposed to be filed in 2020…and it’s now 2022.

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Yes, he already filed them and mailed them in. He filed the late. However, on the IRS website, the transcript isn’t there yet.

Do you have a notification from the IRS that there is no transcript available for 2019? If so, send that, with a paper copy of the filing, for 2019. That’s all you can do as the IRS is so far behind that they’ll never get them done by the time you need the FA. You have to work with the school and they need to work with the documentation you have. Gather what you have - date of his refiling (correction, late filing, whatever), a copy of the return, receipt by the IRS, whatever. Get the name of a person in the FA office you can deal with, and not the person working the front desk.


Probably because he mailed them. When did he mail them? We mailed our 2019 taxes ON TIME in 2020, and it took a very long time for us to receive our refund….like 9 months maybe.

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Make sure when you talk to the IRS, financial AId, etc… you use their technical terms, tax years, etc…

I think I understand this:

You hand entered your FAFSA info for 2021-22 school year from the 2019 tax year because it could not import yet from the IRS since it had not been processed. (We filled by the extension that year and had the same issue when we went to do the FAFSA,)

You entered an error when doing the FAFSA by hand which is impacting your aid for the current year.

You can not fix it because the IRS still has not processed the paper forms your dad filed.

Am I right to this point?

You may be able to write up a statement for your father to sign and get it notarized to submit for now that the taxes and information are correct. Does he have an accountant?

Also. have you done the FAFSA yet for 22-23 based on the 2020 tax year? If the EFC comes out to a similar amount that may help the financial aid office relax a little. If it is vastly different that way be causing them some heartburn.

Yes! I have a person that I am working with currently!

Yes, I have done the FAFSA for 22-23.

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I have not seen any guidance about whether there will be an alternative allowed for situations where the IRS is behind in processing returns. However, if they do provide schools an alternative, it will most likely not be applicable to the tax year OP has an issue with. It’s difficult to know what the school will require in order to process the aid, or whether they will feel comfortable going outside the regulations to do so. Only the school’s financial aid office will be able to help you with this. Be sure to keep in touch with them & get them any information they might request, as quickly as possible.

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Yes, thank you. It’s just that in 2019, my dad retired and he had difficulty filling which made him file late. When he worked, he never had an issue with filing on time. Coupled with the IRS and their issues, it has made things so difficult for me.

I am so sorry that you are facing this. The financial aid office will want to help you, but there are certain rules that are hard to get around. It shouldn’t be impossible to figure out a way to document that income in a way that will satisfy federal regulations, but it might take one of the top managers in the office to make the decisions. Keep working with the person who is helping you. If at some point you are told that they can’t help you, though, do not be afraid to ask to talk with their supervisor. Hang in there!


Thank you all so much! I just don’t want to get into any trouble with the law or anything for not having an accurate FAFSA and I just want to finish the next two years of college stress free.

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Great, that should help them understand the transition to retirement since that time. They will be able to see that now. Set up an appointment to go in and see them if possible. They should be helpful.

You will not be in any trouble with the law. Your school is the one that has to make sure everything is documented within regulations, but they want you to get your aid (I say this because I am a former financial aid director).


Really?! That’s a relief! I used to read about how if someone didn’t correct/fix any information and submitted incorrect information, especially in the financial part of the FAFSA, the student/parent could be fined or charged with a felony and sent to prison or both.

When were the 2019 taxes actually filed?

He filed them in February 2021.