I Want To Go To Upenn So Badly

<p>I visited the college last summer and love everything about it. However, people say my stats make penn a slight reach for me. I really really want to get into PENN tho. Is there any specific way (besides making wonderful app, essay, grades,etc..) to seriously differentiate myself from other applicants to PENN specifically? I'm want something that will help turn the tide. I need that tiny "CONNECTION" with PENN. </p>

<p>please don't say there are other great colleges out there too. i know that.</p>

<p>Bright rainbow colored envelope that says "gay revoultion" on it with your application will make you stand out. Oh, you mean in a good way. LOL Just apply, and maybe try to meet some professors or something, so they can make recommendations. You could also spend first 2 years at a state university or community college, and apply as transfer.</p>


<p>Assuming your stats and EC's put you in the ballpark, I can tell you that what PENN wants most is to know that PENN is without question your first choice. Don't know if you are applying this year, but if you are and it's not too late, definitely apply there Early Decision. Fully 40% of the freshman class will have been accepted from their ED apps. If you can't do that, make sure you let them know, however you can (alumni interview, in your essays, handwritten note to the admissions office) that if accepted, you will absolutely, positively go to PENN.</p>

<p>How do I know this? My husband has been a prof at PENN for 37 years, soooo many people have asked him how to get their kids into PENN and the above was the advice given to him by the Dean of Admissions. Go get 'em tiger....</p>

<p>thanks a lot.</p>

<p>i'm applying next year. i am definitely considering ED though.</p>

<p>But what can i do NOW...</p>

<p>You may think of this as relatively strange but to increase your chances, it's great advice.</p>

<p>Apply to their nursing program, take general ed classes your first year, then transfer to their regular college. Their nursing program is not that competative and it gives you a much greater chance of getting in.</p>


<p>it might be a waste of time tho. i'm into business/science/math</p>

<p>Theatermom, I had no idea your hubby was a prof at Penn. Your advice is excellent and comes from the Horse's mouth. I am sure those things can help in the admissions process. I just wanna say that it is possible to get in without those specific elements, which is obvious I guess. </p>

<p>My D applied to Penn last year RD. She never indicated that it was her first choice (it wasn't) or that she would matriculate if admitted. She DID express interest at all her schools and that came across in the Why Penn essay and so forth. As far as interviews, I agree this is another place but in my D 's case, this was the one school where she did NOT interview because they had no alum interviews in our state unfortunately. She certainly put her all into her application and did so for each college she applied to. She got in and to our surprise was chosen as one of 100 Ben Franklin Scholars. </p>

<p>To the OP, what you CAN do is be the best you can be at all your endeavors both in and outside the classroom. I don't think you have to be unique to stand out but you have to excel in what you do and achieve within your endeavors. I don't know anything about you or what you are into to be more specific but I would not put energy into trying to stand out but into doing what you are interested in, committing to it, achieving in these areas and so forth. The rest will follow. </p>

<p>Penn is a terrific school. It is a reach for most candidates, my daughter included. I would be concerned with wanting to go to one school so badly to this degree when the school is this difficult to be admitted to even for the most qualified candidates. I hope you have found several schools to love. Go for it at Penn but there are many places you could love and be happy at and so don't lose sight of that fact. </p>


<p>PS, I DON'T advocate for misleading admissions with an intended major that is not one true to your real interests and that is gaming things and likely will appear that way. For someone to put down an academic major interest, it would follow that the applicant could demonstrate and speak to how that interest developed, what he/she has done to explore that interest so far and so forth. To put a false one down, does not allow the candidate to back it up in any true way on the application or in an interview. My D always put down the area she truly has an interest in and was able to show what she has done so far to explore that interest area. She could never speak to nursing and look honest. I don't suggest you do either.</p>

<p>i'm sure i want to do something in the sciences (specifically majors related to chem and physics courses i'm taking...like engineering) my other 2nd choices would be like computers/math (computer science) and maybe business. i'll need to research more. </p>

<p>I'm thinking about making a visit next summer to Penn. Obviously i could write this in my essay / talk about in interview...but do u guys have any other ideas of what i could do at the visit to boost my chances?</p>

<p>Attend their summer program. My friend went this year and hated the people she lived with, but she said the program was good.</p>