I want to join a sorority

<p>Hello....well, here's my story(it's very sad, I'm warning you)
I didn't get involved at UF at all my Freshman/Sophmore year due to VERY severe SA and depression. I sought help during those years in a desperate attempt to prevent myself from failing all my classes....I registered with the DRC and went to the Fear and Anxiety clinic and now I'm almost entirely cured. Now that my Sophmore year is almost over, I've been getting more involved on campus and have been joining a lot of different clubs....but I still feel pretty distant from campus life...I tried rushing for Alpha Phi Omega this year but unfortunately I was not accepted.
I feel very disconnected from the campus....I would like a niche somewhere here, but I've no idea how to find it. I'm an English major...I'm very intelligent, but I'm not bubbly or anything like that....
Is it totally ridiculous to rush for a sorority as a junior?
I would very much like to join one to make more friends....I've had to overcome a lot of hurdles just to do well in school. It's extremely disheartening that I had to wait this long to actually interact with people here =(
But here I am.....what do you think I should do?</p>

<p>For age alone I don't think you should join one. A lot of them won't take you and I assume most/all the sororities hassle the pledges in some way and you don't want to be a pledge half the time you're in the sorority. Rushing should be done in your 2nd to 4th semester.</p>

<p>With the SA you would probably be ok once you actually got into the sorority but the rush process is kinda the stereotypical thing you are bad at. It is almost like a paraplegic going out for the basketball team. IF you really have it together in the looks+ clothing + whatever else girls care about departments you may be able to not screw it up, but you'll never score any points through social aptitude. The sorority one might be a little more structured than fraternity rush which would help you, but I'd imagine the girls take it a little more seriously and are quicker to judge. Some of the lowest ranked ones may be very desperate and take whoever pays, so if you happen to like the girls in one of those few that might be an option. Or if you knew a few girls in one of the sororities already that would increase your chances greatly.</p>

<p>I am just being honest as someone who was diagnosed with SA and tried rushing fraternities. I don't think it would be for you, but I could be wrong. I'd imagine though you would be better prepared for the process this time you may not be so confident from whatever went wrong last time and that would hold you back.</p>

<p>I don't think campus life is as black and white as you make it out to be. You can be fine without being in one and it's the lower tier houses that try to make it seem so great, whereas there is really a big dropoff if you're outside the top 5-10, which you usually need some connections or to be a high value recruit to get into. I'd just keep on the path you're on</p>

<p>I can speak on the fraterinities because my nephew rushed. He thought it was a joke. Pretty much had to know someone or be a tremendous jock (like a HS star).</p>

<p>They have interviews and sometimes you just walk up to a house and they say sorry you dont fit our mold. WHAT the hec do they know about someone they have never spoken with. He is 5ft 10inches tall, blonde hair, blue eyes and very good looking. So it was not his looks that he didnt like.</p>

<p>I agree with bobbo07 find another avenue a club or organization that fits you. Figure out what you enjoy and find a club. And if your heart is set on rushing. Know that you are starting with a big disadvantage your age.</p>

<p>Agreeing on gator4ever said</p>

<p>My "weird" room mate rushed BOTH fall and spring and still didn't get any bids. I mean I knew that was gonna happen just based on his character and personality. He wasn't the most good looking either, but he wasn't ugly. </p>

<p>To be in those IFC and Panhellenic Greek groups, you have to be perfect in the sense of looks and socialization. Unfortunately for my room mate, he didn't have either of these qualities. </p>

<p>I wouldn't rush since you wouldn't really receive the benefits until your senior year since you would technically be pledging. There are TONS of good organizations to join, it might be a tad difficult since your a liberal arts major but I'm sure you can a niche somewhere. </p>

<p>One organization I would suggest is the Multicultural and Diversity Affairs department! They are looking for new volunteers and its a GREAT way to meet new people! Hope this helps.</p>