I want to know the probabillity to get in UC Berkeley

I applied UCB for its political economy major. Now, I have a 3.72 GPA with several Ws and Ds. By the way, I was a salesman in the medical industry before back to school. Also, I was the team leader during the time of that job. (The job is oversea) Furthermore, I am a tutor at my college, I teach math/Econ/Chinese/Stats. Now, I am 33 years old, am I still ok to go to UC Berkeley? I know my GPA is a bit low. Thank you!

This is the most current data for the UC’s transfer GPA by major and campus to help gauge your chances:


Thank you

Go for it! All you can do is apply.
I would think that you wouldn’t want to live in the dorms.

Are you already in the Bay Area for ease of housing?

I didn’t know yet if i can finally go to UC Berkeley, but I heard from my friends that living in berkeley area is not an easy thing.

^^ Nah - you will be fine, it builds characters, and it’s a very fun place to be. As a parent I have my uneasiness, but my daughter is thriving and loving every minute of it.

I’m sure Berkeley is a bit of a culture shock if you’re used to manicured lawns and quiet streets. It’s city living, with areas that have problems that are inherent in that type of environment: property crime, homelessness, traffic, etc. You just have to be smart about your safety and security of your possessions. There is rent control, but Bay Area housing prices are crazy in general. If you are not from the area, that will hit you the hardest. Be prepared to possibly have roommate(s). On the flip side, it is a vibrant community with a TON of great dining options, lots of stuff to do, and one of the top universities in the world. My DD is a senior and has learned to navigate the city - physically and emotionally - very well.