I want to major in Chemical engineering with business minor

<p>How is that option at Johns Hopkins? Does it have a good chemical engineering and business program? </p>

<p>Actually, I also wanted to double major in engineering and business. I am wondering if there are some good combined programs (5-year)at any top school? I am thinking about Penn State's chemical engineering too. Please give me some advices. Thanks a lot.</p>

<p>There are combined BS/MBA programs out there for engineering, though that probably is not a good idea.</p>

<p>Why do you want both degrees? A ChemE is versitile enough that you could get into business after grad without the business degree, and if you decide to be an engineer the business side won't help you much at entry level positions.</p>

<p>Do you know any school near NJ have a engineering/MBA combined program?</p>

<p>MBA is a graduate degree and from your previous post i get the impression that you are asking about an undergraduate education. there are programs where u can get a masters and an MBA but not a bachelors and an MBA</p>

<p>I agree with ahhabobo. Enjoy your chemical engineering studies and save the business studies for later! I got my MBA eight years after I had graduated from college and it was much more valuable then.....I had seen the world, as it were.</p>

<p>Good plan...would put you on a good path as a female engineer. Would be a good beginning path for say a refinery plant manager...you could work as an entry-level engineer for 2-3 years and then you will want to move into a role more on the business side as an economics/utilization person, management, etc.</p>

there are programs where u can get a masters and an MBA but not a bachelors and an MBA


<p>Yes, there are BS/MBA programs. Rutgers is one such school in the NJ area offering such a combo. Again, it is not recommended. The best course is to get your BS, get some work experience, and then get your MBA.</p>

<p>Doing a double degree with chemical engineering...enjoy going insane.</p>

<p>I agree. I know a guy who did a "5-year" BS/MBA program in 7 years. However, he was in his 40s when he started it and was looking to be a career student.</p>

<p>All, I'm about to give you a great program that is just what you are looking for in the mid-atlantic. Its called Drexel's BS in Business and Engineering. One of the most unique and prestigious majors of its kind, anywhere. For those set on the engineering/business mindset, its a perfect combination and it comes in a 5 year program (with 3 co-ops). This is the major that I'm in and I can tell you we are the cream of the crop. Graduates of this program have the highest starting salary, and get managing jobs right off the bat at prestigious engineering firms or get competitive business jobs at places like Goldman Sachs or the big 4 accounting firms.</p>

<p>Quant is Huge everywhere, especially in business. You'll take all the same core classes as engineers and business majors, and then get to choose engineering electives, and business electives. Its heavily math based and has almost a built-in math minor. don't think its less intense than engineering, you won't be getting out of chemistry, physics, etc. The program attrition rate is also high due to business oriented students not realizing they have to get through engineering at one of the best engineering schools on the east coast. However, its different than a specific engineering field like mechanical or electrical because instead of going in depth into one of those engineering fields, you get a broad based of all the different engineering fields by taking a variety of engineering electives.</p>

<p>Most typical is the BS Business and Engineering concentrating in Operations Management, but you can concentrate in Finance, Accounting, Marketing, MIS, Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship (drexel has a really good program), International Business, General Business, and much more.</p>

<p>The co-op program at Drexel is also like no other school and you'll get placed in 6 month high paid internships that no other college will be able to place students in. If you are in the 5 year program, you'll get three six month work experiences. In my opinion, nothing beats this. When I was 19 years old i was working for a big 4 accounting firm making quadruple times the wage i ever earned before.</p>

<p>Learn more about the program:</p>

<p>LeBow</a> : Prospective Students : Undergraduates : Undergraduate Programs: Business and Engineering :
About</a> the Business and Engineering Major</p>

<p>Hope this helps and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about the program. I've been posting on the drexel board also if you have any questions about the school.</p>

<p>By the way, Drexel's business school co-op program also has a VERY good but also rigorous 5 year MBA program (i know a girl doing it as a Business and Engineer)... but for the most part, the program is basically a built-in MBA into the Bachelor . its kind of hard to explain since its a very unique program, but it also has a huge management focus into it. i remember beating out seniors with much higher GPAs just because the major is usually everything the company looks at it. Some companies (like Johnson & Johnson's gold program) heavily recruits from this program alone</p>


<p>i am chemical engineer i done my B.sc in 2010 and i want to do MBA in chemical engineering </p>

<p>or MBA in petroleum engineering..</p>

<p>please teel me about any universty in europe</p>


<p>Michigan and UPenn have dual degree programs where you can double in engin/business</p>

<p>My school has a program where you get a bs in engineering and can go into the MBE program- Masters in business and Engineering. </p>

<p>I dont understand the point of a business minor. why not just minor in Econ?</p>