I want to major in cs but have no experience...

<p>I've decided to do cs instead of engineering since I feel ambivalent about physics but I have no experience in cs; I've never done programming or any of that stuff. I'm a complete beginner so would it be difficult for me to do well because I'm at a disadvantage? I'm only asking this question because people have told me that without prior knowledge of programming I will have a difficult time.</p>

<p>Start programming ASAP. It’s not the hardest thing to start with on the planet (though your mileage may vary). Check out Udacity.</p>

<p>Apparently it’s too late to sign up for udacity. The exam submission date is like June 3rd and its a 7 week course, so there’s no way one could complete the course and then take the exam by then.</p>

<p>Just start experimenting with computers and take computer classes and you’ll need to be really good at math</p>

<p>A new set of courses on Udacity will appear after this set ends.</p>

<p>Also, plenty of people excel in CS after having no prior experience. If it’s something you find interesting, you’ll do well. Learn some programming, evaluate your experience with it, and then decide if you want to do CS.</p>

<p>Udacity’s CS 101 (basic programming) and CS 373 (AI) are now in self-serve. That means the course is no longer put to any pace but your own. If you wanted, you could do a unit each month; the final (and your ticket to a certification) is offered every 8 weeks.</p>


<p>My FIRST programming course was as a college freshmen…now I am in year 22 of doing software engineering.</p>

<p>You can also just buy a textbook and start teaching yourself.</p>

<p>For example, an awesome JAVA textbook that is suitable for beginners who are strong in logic is Big Java.</p>