i want to transfer out of a cc in a year!

Hello Everyone!
I am currently enrolled to take lower-division requirement classes at a community college for the next year.
My goal is to transfer as soon as possible and I am wondering that how will my application look different if I have the 60+ credits from AP courses and high school and three CC courses( one I took in high school and the other two I am taking right now)?
I do have an above-average ACT score, and app. 600+ volunteering hours from high school.
Due to covid-19 I was planning on entering CR grades for classes which I did not get an A in so that it doesn’t impact a 4.0 GPA. Will that be good?
Also, do college classes that you take in high school still show their grades on your transcript? Or do I just get the units from it?
Any other tips for one who is transferring out of a CC to a 4 year in one year?
Hope to hear from some of you all soon! Thanks!

Which schools are you targeting for transfer? You are ability to transfer will depend upon if you can fulfill the requirements needed for each school.

For the Cal states and UC’s, test scores are not a consideration for transfer. DE courses/college courses in HS will be part of your transfer GPA if accepted but you will need to send a transcript from these courses along with your CC courses.

AP courses can be used to fulfill the transfer requirements but some may not fulfill the major prep transfer requirements since it is dependent upon which schools you are applying.

in a word YES, you can, you need 60+ units, not 2 calendar years to transfer as a Jr.

The hard part is checking all of the required courses in so little time.

Careful planning is key

Good luck

hi i was planning on transferring to Berkeley uci or ucsd for public health!
i only have three college classes right now and I might get Bs in those so is that bad for someone who needs to transfer out 2nd year? i am already on track for completing the lower division and gen ed requirements for each school in one year but its just the application gpa I am worried about.

what gpa is the minimum i should aim for in uci ucsd or Berkeley for transferring? or should I mark CR?

UC Transfer GPA admit ranges by campus and major: https://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/infocenter/transfers-major

What is your projected UC Transfer GPA at time of application? Around a 3.0 may not make you competitive for the schools listed. I think you need to widen your college list and include Riverside and Santa Cruz. What about some Cal states?

What is your backup plan? Stay another year at your CC?

Your HS is allowing a choice between a letter grade and CR (P/NP)? You are at a disadvantage if you only have 3 classes with grades at your CC to report. Check each campuses policy on CR classes since many classes need to be taken for a letter grade.

yeah, that’s gonna be a stretch…

with a GPA around 3.0 i think you’ll be on the bubble for most of the UCs, - perhaps UCM but, it looks like their TAG threshold is creeping up too.

what’s your local CSU?

change of plans, i actually will end up having at least a 3.5! will this make a difference to my application? i am also taking 4 honors classes and am part of the honors program in my cc!
how is it a disadvantage if I have only three classes? - because sould they not take into consideration that i am a first year applying to transfer my second year? though they can look at my credits/units and they will see other classes I plan to take as well right?

  • extracurriculars and insight questions …

A 3.5 GPA makes you more competitive, but since you are a 1 year transfer, the more grades and courses under your belt prior to applying can only help. You will also update your Fall grades in January on the TAU and you will list your Spring classes so the schools will see your full year schedule.

What is your intended major? Will all your AP credits fulfill the GE and major requirements since for some majors, there is a limitation on using AP credits? Have you met (zoom) with a CC advisor to make sure your planned schedule will able to meet all requirements by Spring?

Check out this discussion which could help: https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/uc-transfers/2137504-uc-1-year-transfers.html

taking your cume GPA from 3.0 to 3.5 in a semester or two is a pretty tall order - and at this point, speculation.

UCs evaluate your ap primarily on 2 fronts, GPA and number of required and recommended courses you’ve completed. Being a 1 year transfer puts you at a disadvantage since, most of your competition will have had more semesters to round out their transcript.

I’d encourage you to try to make it work out in a year. TAG UCR or UCSC because they have GPA threshold are lower (than UCI, UCD) and apply to the others on your list. keep an open mind and see what happens …

i miscalculated my three classes into three separate semesters instead of two semesters. my intended major is public health sciences and I plan to use tag. and if I do tag, then it is a very high chance for transfer since I meet all the requirements and am in the honors program right? the average gpa is about 3.34 to 3.64 for PHS B.S.
does it make a difference if other applicants have their semesters more rounded, because at the end of the day it is all about just fulfilling lower division and gen-ed requirements yes? i will complete all of these in a year…

So you plan to TAG to UCI for Public Health?

You will have 1 of the English UC requirement and the Math requirement completed by Summer 2020 to be eligible for TAG? You will have. a minimum 3.4 at the end of September when you file your TAG application?
You will have all required courses on the UCI website for Public Health completed by Spring 2021?

The average transfer admit GPA quoted above is for which campus?

What’s the rush??

My three children had transcripts loaded with AP courses (yes, they received 5’s on their tests).

Each of them attended very different universities. At their three universities, their AP scores were basically used as elective credits for meeting some prerequisite requirements.
My daughter, who attended Davis, used them to get an advantage in registration of classes.

My daughter, who attended a SUNY, was able to get sophomore status for registration.
At my son’s school, these AP credits and on-site HS college classes were so common and expected. They had everyone retake the classes at a trimester pace with double the coursework.

It really depends on the university and how they view the AP credit.

Also, as a transfer, your funding opportunities will limited.