I want to write about a personal accomplishment that I did in the field of business for a petition to Kelly School of Business but I feel that it may be general

To start off, my GPA and sat are below the requirement for direct addition for Kelly School of Business but I want to use my 1st place award in a pitch competition for my major accomplishment.
I am an IB student in a rigorous course and have taken only 6 classes throughout my high school career that is below a 5.0 AP/IB scale.
I am unsure if Kelly will be able to see the coursework I have taken to access as it does not state it anywhere.
The accomplishment I want to use is about how I came up with a start-up pitch for a potential company and won on a regional level.
The program I participated in is called TYE( The young entrepreneurs) It is an 8-10 week long program where you learn a lesson on how to start a company weekly from experienced entrepreneurs. This is also the time I found out I have a drive and ambition for business and entrepreneurship and want that to be a transition as to why I applied for Entreprunership at Kelly school of business. Is there anyone here that can verify that it is ok to have a non-school-related achievement like mine?
Are there any tips anyone can give me if you had to previously take this path?
I will say that writing formal essays is super easy for me since I took the IB path in high school but would still like aid in subjects that could result in advantage since I am below the " average student" in terms of scores.
-this could be some achievement that I have probably done but probably overlooked as unimportant when it could actually be very important in reality.

To anyone who replies, Thanks.

If someone could take or send this to the IUbloomington admissions account, I would also appreciate that as I am still unfamiliar with this site.

Yes, of course, you can report non-school-related activities and accomplishments.

This site is for advice only and would not help with getting that information to IU.

Do you have a guidance counselor?

Yes, you can write about non-school based accomplishments in your Kelley Direct Admit petition. You have missed the priority deadline though, so direct admission petitions are evaluated on a case by case basis now…so get the petition in ASAP.

Have you already submitted your app to IU?