I Want Umichigan And I Want It Now!!!!

<p>Anyways, what are my chances?
BTW, Out of State.</p>

-UW: ~3.5
-W: ~3.9</p>

<p>By the end of the year...</p>

<p>-UW: ~3.57
-W: ~4.0</p>

-high 2000's to mid 2100's (2070-2160)
-got 216/99%ile on PSAT (I don't know if I've been commended)</p>

-Bio/E: 630
-USH: ~780
-French: ~730
-Math II: ~730</p>

-French Lang
-Maybe English
-Calc AB
-Maybe self-study Human Geo or US Gov't</p>

-2/3 clubs
-Logistical Director for Symposium
-Executive Committee for Symposium
-~120 assorted volunteer hours</p>

<p>Other considerations
-Recommendations: should be great/excellent
-Essays: No reason for turning in a mediocre one...great/excellent
-I live in CA if that matters...
-Competitive-ish high school in CA
-Top15 school placement rate: ~15%
-Weird trend in grades (let's just say no trend)</p>

<p>I figure if I apply in mid-october, or the first day applications open (as the essay topics always include "a topic of your choice") I'd be pretty competitive...I plan to apply to Ross preferred admit BTW...</p>

<p>With those stats, you wont' get into Ross directly when you apply. The only way you can get into Ross is if you apply to LSA first and once you get in, try for Ross in sophomore year.</p>

<p>How's LSA Econ's recruiting for say like investment banking and brokerage/trading compared to Ross Finance?</p>

<p>Because if Ross gives me absolutely no edge over LSA, then there's no reason to do Ross over LSA...</p>

<p>Ross's Finance is definately way better. I think its ranked 2/3rd in undergrad business programs. People who don't get into Ross do Economics in LSA.</p>

<p>Bump...I need more replies....isn't it a lot less competitive if you apply way early (like mid-october)?</p>

<p>GPA is much to low for UM out-of-state standards. You'll likely get deferred whenever you apply, as admissions is heavily numbers-based unless you are a minority. Look at other schools, only use Michigan as a potential REACH. It'll be the last school you'll hear from, and you'll likely be dissapointed with your aid package if you qualify for need based aid. Work hard this second semester, get those A's and A-'s (i'm assuming you know about Michigan's GPA system), and pull off all A's senior year.</p>


<p>Oh BTW if I take business-related online courses (SUNY Learning Network-UC doesn't have such a program GRRR) and get A's and A-'s would this tip the scales in my favor (enough for them to let me in right away instead of deferring)?</p>

<p>Does Asian FOB count as minority?</p>


<p>And I don't think so hoganwan. Asian FOBs get into like ivies and Berkeley all the time...(maybe because they only apply to HYPSM and Berkeley.)</p>

<p>haha... maybe... but I'm not gonna apply ivies and those really top schools... I know I don't have that kind of quality to get into. =]</p>

<p>LSA: Slight reach.
Ross: Reach.</p>

<p>MightyNick, you are not quite right. Most Econ Majors at Michigan never apply to Ross. I'd say only 25% of Econ majors are Ross rejects. The remaining 75% were never interested in majoring in Business. And Ross is not "way better" than Michigan Econ. At the graduate level, Ross is ranked anywhere between #4 and #8 and Michigan Econ is ranked anywhere between #8 and #14. In short, I'd say that Michigan Econ is only fractionally weaker than Ross...if at all.</p>

<p>This said, employment opportunities are definitely better at Ross than at LSA. Not that Econ/LSA is not good at professional placement. I got offers from two major Investment Banks when I graduated and I was not exceptional. I had a 3.45 GPA. But Ross places a third of its students into elite IBs and MC firms and another third in very highly regarded Fortune 500 corporations. I would say that LSA professional placement is comparable to professional placement of Arts and Science majors from schools like Cornell, Johns Hopkins, Duke, Northwestern and Penn.</p>

<p>yeah i wasn't quite sure...i was just making assumptions lol....but i don't care now....i'm waitlisted by UMich anyway.</p>

<p>I'm sorry MightyNick. Bump. :)</p>

<p>Bring Up My Post. S'il vous plait. :)</p>

<p>Bumpbumpbump. My sympathies to those who were waitlisted/rejected.</p>

<p>B U M P</p>

<p>your sympathy is appreciated.</p>