*** I want your...

<p>I want your advice. I'll be applying to UCLA and so far, my scores seem so terrible. </p>

<p>Writing: (pending)
Math IIC: 700
US History: 690.</p>

<p>BIG QUESTION: Should I retake Math IIC in December? I KNOW it can go up, but is it worth the time, expenses (late fee =X), and extra effort?</p>

<p>Two cents appreciated =).</p>

<p>Just take it again. That is above average for UCLA but if you know you can score higher, then re-take it.</p>

<p>Thanks for your thoughts, LyricalG =). 'ppreciate it.</p>


<p>UCLA doesn't require higher scores, and many would consider yours commendable, but with math it is always easy to improve, and if you know you can do better you should take it again</p>