I was accepted as a transfer, should I do it?

I am a freshman business student (Management Information Systems specialization) in my second semester at Bowling Green State University. I have been accepted as a transfer student to The Ohio State University and I am trying to determine whether or not I should transfer. I had a 4.0 GPA my first semester and am currently doing well in my second.

My reasons for wanting to transfer are:

  1. Not only is OSU ranked higher than BGSU overall for academics, but Ohio State's undergrad business program is ranked #14 by Bloomberg compared to #71 for BGSU's
  2. I think that Columbus, OH, where OSU is located, is a much cooler city and is, at this time, my top choice for a place to live post-graduation, so why not get a head start on living there?,
  3. I feel I will have more opportunities for things like internships at OSU because of the fact it is located in such as large urban area (Columbus, OH population ~850,000 and metro pop. around ~2,000,000) compared to Bowling Green, OH with a population of ~30,000
  4. I think a degree from OSU will be more valuable and desired by employers, especially in the Columbus area, when compared to one from BGSU
  5. There is more school spirit at OSU and the athletics are much better
  6. All of my credits from BGSU will transfer to OSU according to Transferology

Reasons for being iffy about transferring are:

  1. I’ve already got a good establishment here at BGSU, socially and academically, and know the campus already
  2. I have the opportunity to be a resident advisor next year here at BGSU, after applying and going through interviews. (Of course I can always apply after my first year at OSU as well)
  3. I am fearful about the drawbacks of being a transfer student. I will essentially be a freshman in terms of getting adjusted to the new campus, but in reality I’ll be a sophomore.

My parents are somewhat divided on the issue, but have been providing a lot of advice and said they’ll support me either way. My dad thinks I should go to OSU because it is higher ranked and better academically, but my mom thinks I should stay at BGSU because I’ve already established myself there and she really wants me to be an RA (which, even though I’ll have to wait another year, I can always apply to be an RA after my first 2 semesters at OSU if I transfer)

Can anyone help me out with this? I’d really appreciate any tips! I know this is a personal decision, but advice from others always helps!

I am an Incoming freshman so obviously I am biased, but I would transfer if I were you. Ohio state has so many transfers that I can’t imagine you will feel too out of place. As you said, you can apply to be an RA here as well. If it were more about money I would understand, but from an outsiders prospective, your pros seem to outweigh the cons.

fyi I have decided that I am going to transfer.

Imagine the LIFE LONG entertainment that you will have every Saturday for the rest of your life when OSU Football or OSU Basketball etc are live on TV. It may not mean much to you now, but when you are old like me, you will live for those moments. That alone makes The Ohio State University degree PRICELESS.

More short term OSU offers an incredible amount of clubs and extra curricular activities that would be of great benefit you, and which will help you as you prepare to seek employment after graduation. For example if you are a business major some OSU clubs that you should look at are: Moneythink, AIESEC and the American Marketing Association, but these three clubs are just a small sample of all that is available at the Columbus campus.

If you do NOT plan to take advantage of these and other extra curricular activities then maybe a change is not going to be as beneficial.

But heck yea. GO BUCKS!!! (How does that sound?)

Aw…good luck. You missed one drawback: BG has a proper campus. But OSU is better.

I don’t think employers care to much about the difference tho.

Well, Ohio State said that do not anticipate being able to offer on-campus housing to transfer students, which is a bit of a problem for me considering off-campus housing at Ohio State can be a hassle to find, and living on-campus your first year at a new university is optimal. So I have decided to stay at Bowling Green State University after all.