I was poorly advised to round up my GPA. Should I email admissions?

So, I had this college counselor who told me that it was okay to round up my GPA on the common application from a 3.88 to a 3.9. I trusted this person, so I applied to at least 7 schools (most of which are my top choices) with this rounded GPA. This is definitely a fault on my part, but I didn’t think it mattered much. Fast forward to now - I’ve finally done my research and realized how detrimental my decision was. I know I definitely should not have rounded my GPA up.

I really don’t want my colleges to think that I’m a liar… Would it be a good idea to email admissions and let them know about this mistake of mine, or just leave it be? I’m very worried that I may be rejected everywhere.

I would not have rounded it up, but nothing truly wrong with what you did. The transcript is what they will go by and it is similar enough so they should not notice or care. Stop worrying!

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For a long time my D21 was pursuing continuing her sport in college, and the template used for her recruiting profile only had her GPA to the tenth’s place. When she filled out the common app I am positive she probably filled it out the same way unless it specified two decimal places. It never occurred to me she would be looked at differently for doing that. If its correct in math its not lying. If they need it out to the hundredth’s place and your transcript gives them that than you haven’t withheld information. And also…don’t most of them recalculate your GPA to standardize them anyway?

If you are very worried about it then pick one of the schools and email the admissions counselor and see what the response is, and if they don’t care than you shouldn’t, if they do then email the rest the same way.

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I think you’re fine, no action needed.


No action needed.
They will have checked and recalculated anyway. It’s 0.02 points anyway.

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I get that just prior to deadlines, kids fret. And that that runs into January when kids obsess over the teenie things.

But OP is applying to tippy tops. He or she should be able to think this through, rationally, with some perspective.

You don’t contact a TT adcom to tell them you freaking rounded. It’s not the general rule, but the die is cast. Don’t turn this into a chance to show your reviewers you focus on minutiae, can blow it out of proportion, think they’ll call you a liar, throw out your app. That’s not the level of thinking they expect.


You’re all right on so many levels. I was worried yesterday because every other forum I browsed said that rounding was a death sentence. I definitely won’t be emailing them now. Thanks for all the responses!