I was waitlisted at Smith College last fall and am thinking about applying as a transfer for this upcoming spring semester. Will my previous waitlisted decision have any impact on my admission decision?


So my senior year of high school I applied to many liberal arts/women’s colleges and was rejected by almost every single one. The two decisions I got aside from rejections were an acceptance to Cottey College and a waitlist at Smith College. I then decided to attend Cottey and ended up transferring after the first semester because I found I didn’t truly love it there as I only convinced myself to go since it was my only out-of-state option (which has been my goal since as long as I can remember). I thought that because it was my only acceptance that it was a sign to go but that wasn’t the case :-(. From there I transferred to a local community college back home and am currently on my 3rd semester of college (second one at the cc) and continue to be unhappy to a certain degree. I love being home and with my family but feel like I’ve failed at going through with my plans. Community college is a great option and so are state universities but I want to try to apply to out-of-state schools again as a transfer. In high school I had good grades and was active in clubs/activities, and more but due to covid my participation in clubs/activities during my college experience thus far is low. I have a 4.0 GPA and currently work a full time job but don’t think it is enough. With that said I wanted to see if anyone thought it would be worth while to apply to a few liberal arts/women’s colleges again as a transfer student at this time specifically Smith College. As well as if my previous waitlist will impact my new application in any way? Thank you!!

A full time job is an extracurricular activity, and a good one. A 4.0 GPA at community college is of course very good. COVID has been a problem for college and university students everywhere. It has of course also been a problem for high school students. A lot of students had rather poor ECs over the past couple of years (and some had grades that were impacted by COVID also).

I do not think that your previous waitlist turning into a rejection will be a problem.

I do think that you should also apply to in-state public options, and keep your budget in mind.

Zero impact - if nothing else, it will show that you are interested.

You were unhappy at one…will you be happy at another?

Check for aid - typically transfer aid is not as good as initial aid.

Congrats on your 4.0. Keep up the great work. There’s a great school out there for you, likely including Smith.

Full time job +4.0= definitely try again. :+1::+1:

If Smith or another LAC is what you want then it is worth it to apply again. Try to clearly communicate on your application: 1) what you have achieved since HS namely keeping up a 4.0 at college while working, how you have matured etc. and 2) why you want to attend the college.

Per Smith’s common data set Smith accepted 83 of 201 transfer applicants in 2020 (41%).

Be sure to apply to some less selective options as well and pay attention to finances as merit aid is very hard to come by as a transfer student.

ALSO, keep in mind that staying close to home for undergrad is not a failure. Plans change/adjust all the time. If being near home works for you then find a four year college in your area to continue your undergrad education. Your happiness and success are MUCH more important than your distance from home.

Congrats on your achievements and best wishes for continued success be it at Smith or elsewhere.