I was waitlisted...What are my chances of acceptance if I appeal?

<p>How good are my chances to get into UCSB through an appeal considering I was waitlisted?</p>

<p>Major- 1st-Pre Biology 2nd-History (Both in College of Letters and Science so I don't think it matter which major I chose anyways)</p>

1. Fall semester-4 A's, 1 B (4.4 GPA)- by far the best semester I have ever had. Also shows that I didnt fall into senioritis.
2. Named Captain of my team
3. Mom got diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Since UCSB is the closest UC to me, it is very convient because I can get a great education at the same time be able to help my mom if she ever needs it. </p>

<p>In addition to my application sent in November: </p>

<li>3.6 UC GPA, 4.0 Weighted GPA, 7 AP Classes and 1 UC approved honors class, and 5 Non-approved Honors classes. (16 Semesters of UC approved AP/H). 47 A-G classes total. I am in the Top 10% of my class. </li>

<p>Senior year Schedule
- AP Biology
- AP Calculus BC
- AP English Literature
- Marine Biology
- Economic and Government (1 Semester of each required to graduate)</p>

<li>Test Scores </li>
<li>28 ACT </li>
<li>610 Math Level 2</li>
<li>560 U.S. History</li>
<li>3 AP U.S. History</li>
<li><p>4 AP Psychology </p></li>
<li><p>Personal statements
Prompt #1- Mentioned how volunteering at the Hospital and working at the homework center has changed my outlook on life and how they have influnced my decesion to become a doctor.
Prompt #2- I wrote about my perserverance. How I overcame the Language Barrier as child as well as how I overcame my parent's accident and their depression that they got as a result of the accident. </p></li>
Volunteer: </p></li>
<li><p>80 hr. at local hospital </p></li>
<li><p>70 hr. at my school's after school homework center as a tutor.(Mondays and Tuesdays)</p></li>

1. 2 Days a week at my school's after school homework center as a tutor (Wednesdays and Thursdays)</p>

<p>Clubs and Sports:
1. 3 year NHS
2. 4 year CSF (secratery 2009)
3. 3 year MESA
4. 4 year Track and Field (3 year varsity and League Champion)</p>

1. 5th Place at County Championships
2. 2008 most improved thrower (made a 45 foot improvement in the discus from freshman year to sopomore year)
3. 2008 Runner-Up in League
4. 2009 League Champion
5. 2008 Football league championship</p>

<li>other information</li>
<li>low income family only makes about 50k a year </li>
<li>i am a california resident</li>
<li>My school is low performing and is in program improvement.</li>

<p>From what I've heard a lot of waitlisted end up getting accepted. I hope yo do too! =)</p>

<p>Thanks Fred, I hope you are right.</p>

<p>Last year, the first year waitlists were used, 400/1200 people got accepted off of the waitlist only because UCSB had a 18.5% yield which was under their goal of around 20%. 400 is "a lot" but considering that 1200 were on the waitlist, a 33% chance is not very high. </p>

<p>UCSB</a>, UC Davis Admit Waiting Fall Applicants | The Daily Nexus</p>

<p>But regardless I am still optimistic. I am appealing because the way I see it is that if I am on the waitlist it wouldn't be a huge stretch for them to accept me.</p>

<p>I hope so too! You want to be an ENT surgeon? Haha that's so cool! I'm hoping to do neurosurgery myself. If you end up at UCSB we should hang!</p>

<p>I wanted to be a ENT Surgeon when I created this account around 2 years ago but as of right now, I don't know what I want to specialize in anymore. I am taking my doctor's advice and not worrying about it until I'm in medical school. </p>

<p>Yeah, we should hang. I need a study partner to get through all the grueling Pre-Med courses. I can't do it all alone haha</p>

<p>I know seriously. That's the main thing I'm worried about. You have to take way more classes than a lot of other majors. Lame.</p>


<p>Can anyone tell me my chances? Please! I am very nervous. I need some opinions.</p>

<p>do you know when you can get off the waitlist ???</p>

<p>probably after May 1st when they know how many they admit will actually enroll ...</p>

<p>i called the admissions office at UCSB cuz i was wait listed also, and they said that everyone got off the wait list last year (doesnt mean itll be the same this year though). a lot of people keep bringing up the 400/1200 stat from that article, so im guessing that 400/1200 committed to SB once getting off the waitlist</p>

<p>heyitsmedude: I am such an idiot! You are absolutely right. After I reread the article, it turns out that I misread it intially. Thank You for pointing this out. I am really optimistic now about my chances.</p>

<p>They said that out of the 1200 spots they accepted off the waitlist, 400 decided to enroll at UCSB. I had thought they said that 400/1200 got accepted off of the waitlist.</p>

<p>so did u get in?</p>