I was wondering...

<p>I was wondering if I should pursue a career in Chemical Engineering. The thing that restricts me is my poor math SAT score (590) and SAT II (620) math score. I feel like this really says I should not, but I'm not too sure. I love Biology and Chemistry, but I think I could see myself in Biology or Biochemistry more. Please help me decide!!</p>

<p>There's Biomedical Engineering. You could look into that. </p>

<p>SAT scores are poor indicators of your real engineering math performance. There are people who scored low on SAT Math and still did great in their engineering math classes, and those who scored high and completely bombed it. You don't know until you try in this case.</p>

<p>The great thing about the engineering major is that the first 2 years is pretty much the same courses. Yes, there are a few sophomore-level specialized courses depending on the engineering discipline but your first two years of college would pretty much be:</p>

<p>Calculus I
Calculus II
Calculus III
Differential Equations
Linear Algebra
Chemistry I
Physics I (calculus-based)
Physics II (calculus-based)
Computer Programming (1 to 3 courses depending on major)
English Composition
Some Social Science or Arts/Humanities courses</p>

<p>After your sophomore year, you can then decide your interests.</p>

<p>Also, do not get too caught up in standardized test scores. I know PLENTY of engineers who started college with pre-calculus. Yes, they probably ended up graduating in 4.5-to-5 years, or had to use summers to graduate in 4 years...but they are engineers with years of experience.</p>

<p>I don't know what grade your in but math skills can always improve. When I was a junior I scored a 560 on the math portion of the SAT, but through practice practice practice I got it up to 720. I'm now a freshman majoring in Chemical Engineering with a focus on biological engineering. If I were you don't limit yourself to biomedical engineering, chemical engineering encompasses BME as well as various other biological engineering aspects. I myself do research in protein engineering which isn't considered to historically be part of ChemE but it rapidly becoming an important part of ChemE + BioE at Universities. If your interests lie in chem and bio then I would say Chemical Engineering is for you.</p>

<p>@Scottykid. What school are you currently in? What you are doing is exactly what I researched at Princeton and I loved it!</p>

<p>I currently go to SUNY University at Buffalo(not exactly Princeton) but my school has a large variety of different biological engineering research areas. I was drawn to protein engineering after seeing what was available and after speaking to the professor who I am currently working with. If you have any questions about protein engineering or what I am specifically doing I'd be more than happy to answer them.</p>