I wish I wasn't accepted...

<p>To PSU UP. I was originally waitlisted to Smeal at University Park which is the main campus. Today I received a packet in the mail telling me that I got in. So now I have a major dilemma. Until this afternoon, I was sure that I'd be going to Indiana Bloomington. Kelley is a better business school, but not by a long shot. PSU is much closer to home (which was my only worry about going to IUB), but it will cost much more because IUB offered me 28k over 4 years and PSU offered nothing. </p>

<p>So yeah...I wish they just rejected me.</p>

<p>Haha yeah thats a dilemma. Its like, if you get accepted everywhere you applied and end up not liking where you end up going, you might blame yourself because you had so many other choices. But, if you only get accepted to one place and you end up not liking it, at least you can tell yourself that you didn't have a choice anyways :P</p>

<p>Exactly. I'm going to stick with Indiana. It'll be cheaper, the campus is nicer, and the business school is better. But I know I will have occasional pangs of regret.</p>

<p>You will be fine at IU. It's very nice there.</p>

<p>I'd pick IU over PSU any day, in fact, I essentially did by applying to IU :P Not going though, but it's an awesome school.</p>

<p>As a higher ed professional, I'd consider IU and PSU to be very comparable schools academically and in terms of visibility and prestige. The $28 K at a school the quality of IU is significant.</p>

<p>Hey - those two UG business schools are very close, but the almost 30K is a strong tipping factor. Keep in mind, though, that you will have travel costs going out to Indiana over the four years.
Some kids want to be close - others want to go far. Think about your needs to come home for small holidays or long weekends. Where do you fit?
Do you want to work out there or closer to home? The alumni connections from PSU are very strong in NY, NJ, PA - even DC. Not so strong in this area for Kelly.
My advice - don't just dismiss the new choice you have right away. Really think it through and weigh the pros and cons. Sleep on it. Then when you make your decision, don't look back!
Two excellent choices by the way - congratulations - you can't go wrong.</p>