I worry about my grade

<p>I went to A college for learing English during two years, but after that, I went to another B college for better. I have been the student of B college for one year and half.</p>

<p>My worries are the grades of A college because they were ESL (non GE and non credits) and got grades of options instead of Pass or NO pass. The grades of ESL were very low because I did not care very much.</p>

<p>My friend said that may include my gpa when I transfer. Is it really true?</p>

<p>if so, my current gpa is 3.4 without non credit or not ge or not transferable units grades, but including all gpas, my gpa will be very low.</p>

<p>Anyone knows about this problem?</p>

<p>Depends on the transfer college and each transfer college may treat those classes differently. Sorry to have such a vague answer, but without specifics (actual courses and actual colleges) it is just a guess. I suggest you read the fine print at your target transfer colleges. Usually in their official handbook or official “bulletin” it will have this kind of academic regulations information. The bulletin is not always in the first layer or two of a webpage for a college, but almost every college prints their bulletin online these days since this saves them tons on printing since most people access it online anyhow now.</p>