I would appreciate it greatly if you evaluated my chances..

<p>Please evaluate my chances for the following schools. I got to high school in a top 10 school in California, very competitve high school.</p>

<p>GPA on a 4.0 scale UW- 3.6 W 3.9</p>

<p>Courses taken ninth-bio, geometry, plus regulars
APs taken 10th- AP Euro (4)
APs taken 11th- AP Bio (4) AP Calc AB (3) AP US (5)
APs taking 12th- AP Chem, AP Calc BC</p>

<p>Honors courses- English 3
Science courses taken- bio, ap bio, chem, ap chem, physics
Math- geometry, alg2/trig, calc ab, calc bc</p>

Sat 1 V720 M690
Bio 640
Writing- taking tomorrow
Math 2c- taking tomorrow
Chem- taking tomorrow</p>

<p>I've done competitive speech and debate for four years as a class. My soph year I was ranked 9th in the state in My event (International Extemporaneous speaking). My junior year I was ranked 3rd in the state and I qualified for the National Forensic League National Championships. At Nationals, I was a Finalist in Student House Congress. My life has been speech and debate and I have dozens and dozens of trophies and honors relating to Extemporaneous Speaking, Student Congress, Original Advocacy, Cross Ex Debate and Parli Debate. For the past two years, I have been co-tech editor and now Assistant Editor in Chief of a school-sponsored Foreign Policy magazine, much like the Economist. I will get VERY strong recs from my teachers. I started the Conservative Club at my school two years ago. I've been actively involved in my school's India Club. I've also been an active member of my school's chapter of the JSA. I've received the Golden State Exam Geometry Honors. My soph year I was a State Finalist in the French National Exam. My junior year, I was a National Finalist on the French National Exam (Grand Concours). I've had 10-15 hours of work experience/week, every week for the past 4 years as a part time employee and essentially a part time manager at a UPS Store. I'm an Indian born Canadian citizen that moved to the US right before my freshman year. My GPA is low because of a family problem during my second semester of my junior year, grandfather fell very ill, had to leave country for a week or two right before APs. Sports wise, I played JV volleyball during 10th grade, won Scholar Athelete as well as MVP award. Community services include being a youth leader at local temple for the past four years, and weekly community service at temple as well. Also, spearheaded a few community service programs/charities to raise money for Iraqi children on behalf of Conservative club. I've attended many lectures at nearby UC Berkeley and I've met executives from nearby companies such as Chiron, Lawrence Berkeley labs, Pixar, etc. I have also been offered an internship by the CEO of an Indian Airline who I met recently in one of his European companies for the summer after my senior year. </p>

<p>Im applying to quite a few schools, but the ones I am curious about are</p>

U of Chicago
U Michigan- Ann Arbor
Claremont Mckenna
U Va</p>

<p>Thank you very very very much. :)</p>

<p>Also, I am captain of our Extemp Team, statistically the best team in the State of California. I've also done Mock Trial for the two years, this year I am Prosecution Pre-Trial Attorney. I was also voted Homecoming King by my senior class. This is my list of awards in general:</p>

<li> Finalist in Student Congress House at the 2004 National Forensic League (NFL) National Championships held in Salt Lake City</li>
<li> Ranked 3rd in the State of California in International Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2004 CHSSA State Speech Championships</li>
<li> Ranked 9th in the State of California in International Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2003 CHHSA State Speech Championships</li>
<li> Selected as Best Presiding Officer in Preliminary and Semifinal rounds at NFL National Championships 2004</li>
<li> Semifinalist in Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2004 UC Berkeley Invitational</li>
<li> Quarterfinalist in Extemporaneous Speaking at the 2003 UC Berkeley Invitational</li>
<li> Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking at the 2004 Stanford Invitational</li>
<li> Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking at the 2003 Stanford Invitational</li>
<li> Winner of the Triathelete Award (3rd Place Extemporaneous Speaking, 2nd Place Student Congress, 5th Place Original Advocacy) at the 2002 Martin Luther King Junior Invitational</li>
<li> Triple Finalist (Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Parliamentary Debate) at the 2004 Diablo Valley College Invitational</li>
<li> Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking at the 2004 University of the Pacific Invitational. </li>
<li> Finalist in Extemporaneous Speaking and Impromptu Speaking at the 2003 University of the Pacific Invitational.</li>
<li> Winner of Miramonte Public Speaking Spirit Award in 2002</li>
<li> Winner of Miramonte Public Speaking Outstanding Speaker Award 2003</li>
<li> Winner of Miramonte Public Speaking Outstanding Speaker Award 2004</li>
<li> Numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes in International and National Extemporaneous Speaking, Original Advocacy and Student Congress at Golden Gate Speech Association league tournaments between 2001-2004</li>
<li> Gold Medal on the Golden State Geometry Exam in 2002</li>
<li> California State Finalist in 2003 on the Grand Concours (French National Exam)</li>
<li> Top 10 National Finalist in 2004 on the Grand Concours (French National Exam)</li>
<li> Selected as Most Valuable Player on JV Volleyball by the JV and Varsity coaches</li>
<li> Received award for North Coast Section Scholarly Athlete for JV volleyball</li>
<li> 2001- Selected as Student of Excellence by the Halton District School Board at the end of 8th grade- top academic and extracurricular student in the district</li>
<li> 2001- Valedictorian at River Oaks Public School in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, nominated by faculty and voted by my peers</li>
<li> 2004- Voted by my senior class as the 2004-2005 Miramonte Homecoming King</li>
<li> CSF member my freshman, sophomore, and junior years</li>

<p>bump....please give me some idea here....</p>


<p>UCLA: Match
UCB: Match
UCSD: Safe Match
Tufts: Match
Chicago: Match
Michigan: Safe Match
Claremont McKenna: Safe Match
Northwestern: Slight Reach
Virginia: Match</p>

<p>Miramonte has a public speaking award?</p>

<p>It's within the program, yes. Each year, a speaker of the year is also selected, but that is announced at the end of the school year, and is only available for seniors</p>

<p>man, you're probably in quite a few of the colleges you listed. But you also have a chance at other top colleges. Apply to some ivies, and emphasize on your public speaking skills. And by the way, you're the Indian guy that's not that good at math and sciences. Colleges like it.</p>


<p>I don't meet many policy debaters that do TI and Duo. At our school, we don't do debate really, but our extemp team is pretty darn good so we do debate from time to time. My partner and I (he took 4th in NX at nationals) got bored with congress so we are doing Parli Debate for the hell of it.</p>

<p>Another question...how important are interviews for various privates?</p>

<p>You guys take too much time and worry too much about this stuff..That (your stats) had to take you at least a few hours to type up haha</p>

<p>...or five minutes.... Besides, you're the one with the 1080, no? I would expect you to say not to worry about this stuff.</p>

<p>And your trying to prove what????</p>

<p>Your stats and Speech & Debate performance are really good. I'm interested in business and I was wondering how to got to meet these executives? Was it through family relations or through a program?</p>

<p>haha, yes, I met him at a family wedding. mad connections up in my family</p>

I guess when I said I was going to sleep, I meant bum around online for a bit. Your awards, and ecs are awsome. Thats a very very strong list of stuff, your SATs are decent (as were mine ), Bio is weak but thats not bad. if you do well on the recent SAT II's you should be good. Why are you looking at Michigan? tis so freaking cold over here! lol apart from that if you're looking in the area, look into UW Madison, and the U of M twin Cities. they are at par w/ Mich and way way less expensive. even for out of state-ers. (if thats a word) I think you have a decent chance at NW. my god their essays suck this year though! and why are you even worrying about the UC's you'll be fine. okay well I'm losing my coherancy (is that a word?) sine its now way too late. I'm gonna die in AP bio, its first block! okay goodnight-this time for real :)