I would like some advice on my future.

<p>Hello everyone, I am currently a sophomore in high school ( soon ending). I would like to know based on my stats so far, how well off am I in terms of college applications and such. I'm essentially trying to get a better grasp of what's in store for me, and what I should do to seize every opportunity I can.</p>

-4.0 Unweighted GPA - 7 classes both years
-Physics H and Pre-Calc H are the only honors classes I am taking right now
-My next year's tentative schedule is as follows:
1. Wind Ensemble (Audition required highest level band)
2. AP US History
5. American Literature
6. A language class
7. Leadership - Junior Class president and I plan to run for ASB President my senior year.</p>

<p>Extra Currics
- Cross-country and Track both years
- Marching band freshman year and will continue junior and senior year. ( we are going to the 2011 Thanksgiving Macy's Parade to represent California)
- FBLA - I joined this year and am attending Nationals this summer for Impromptu Speaking
- Rotary - I have over 100 volunteer hours are various places</p>

<p>Standardized tests
- Bio Sat - 750 my freshman year without a Bio AP class
- Math II Sat - 780 Taken a month ago... I want to retake this...
- Physics Sat - I took yesterday and have yet to know my results</p>

<p>Any feedback is greatly appreciated!</p>