I wrote all of the application essays for last year- what to do?

Hey all, I thought it would be a great idea to get an early start on my Deep Springs application. Clearly I did not read the fine print well enough, because I responded to the essay prompts from last year over the summer. The drafts are pretty solid at this point and I have been waiting for the online application to open so I could submit asap. I checked the website tonight to find the online application open… and as I scrolled through it I realized something was off. The prompts did not fit the essays I had written!

I am over the initial shock, but I am wondering what I should do next. I don’t know if emailing the admissions committee would be a good choice, because I am worried that it will make me look somewhat dense. That said, I am hesitant about starting three new essays this late in the game. I will do it, but I would value some opinions first- should I go ahead and explain my situation to the committee, or should I just suck it up?