<p>hello CCers. good afternoon! can someone chance me? i'll give u a cooky! I had also posted this in the "what are my chances" forum so yeah...you mite see a repeat.</p>

<p>§ About Me §
o Asian female
o I think I write good essays...
o Recs will be pretty good, my teachers know me well and my GC knows me too
o income like $200k
o I want to do something math (quantitative analyst?) or biology + business related. Yeah i really like math and science</p>

<p>§ Schoolwork §
o Public School (sends about 10-15% of grads to top 20 schools)
o GPA: 4.65w, 3.9uw
o Rank: about 4 or 5/450+
o currently a Junior
o taking the hardest classes possible...5 APs this year and 7 APs next year</p>

<p>§ Test Scores §
o PSAT: 240
o SAT: Haven't taken yet, but I'm going to guess around a 2300+ based on practice tests.
o SATIIs: two 800's so far in Bio, Chem
o APs: will have five at the end of junior year...they will probably be 5's since everyone gets 5s at my school (and i mean everyone)
o Will take the SATs in may, 3 more SATIIs in june, and the ACTs in june..why not</p>

<p>§ Awards §
o AIME qualifier (yes i know everyone has this)
o a few top 5 in state for science awards
o Columbia SHP
o Music Awards
o FBLA nationals top 10 awards
o USABO Semifinalist
o ...going to take the USNCO sometime this month
o Regional awards for math and science, trivial stuff</p>

<p>§ Extracurriculars §
o Founder and President of a club to raise money and awareness for a disease (biology-related)
o Founder and President of a volunteering club
o Captain of Math Team
o Captain of Science Team
o President of Biology Club
o Senior Co-Captain of Varsity sport</p>

<p>§ Volunteering §
o About 120 hours at a local hospital
o If I have free time this summer, I will probably volunteer at a local rehab place or something</p>

<p>§ Summer Activities §
o CTY (i know, it doesn't really count)
o I applied to a bunch of summer programs, like summer science. do you think i'll get in those?</p>

<p>Well, thank you for reading. Chance me on MIT EA pleaseeee :)</p>

<p>P.S. I had fine typing the o's and §'s...I was copying and pasting the o's when i realized that they were just the letter o........:D</p>

<p>Oh, and I'm re-reading my chance thread...and compared to most of the chance threads here I sooo don't stand out >.< haha</p>

<p>You'll probably get into SSP, and considering your current trend, you'll be strong enough by the time you apply to get into MIT. Though between now and then, there's a lot you can do to make yourself even stronger. Good luck!</p>

<p>lol, my stats and my ECs are pretty much not going to change much by the end of this year. What do you suggest I do to make myself stronger? thanks!</p>

<p>bump! 10chars</p>

<p>After I went to SSP, I kept in contact with a professor and did some research with him, resulting in Siemens Westinghouse Semifinalist. Stuff like that... just do your best this summer :) Also, write good essays.</p>

<p>did u start your research at SSP?</p>

<p>"taking the hardest classes possible...5 APs this year and 7 APs next year"</p>

<p>hahah that was the exact number of APs i took as a junior, and the exact number of APs i'm taking right now! :D</p>

<p>ew i hate APs</p>

<p>good chances!</p>

<p>thnx! bump!</p>