IB and AP Scores

Hey all,

So, the dealio is that I have taken 11 AP courses (so far, will take more in Senior year) and am going through IB. I’m also deeply involved with other extracurricular activities, and I have pretty decent SAT and ACT scores.

What are the chances I get into IVY league schools if I don’t do that great in IB (30-33 in my worst-case scenario)?


If you need more details, would love to provide!

You will be accepted or rejected long before IB Scores are released.

But what about based on the predicted scores?

Do you attend a high school outside of the US?

No, it’s in the US

My daughter did the IBD and was admitted to her US colleges based on predicted IB scores (as the final scores only come out in July.) IB schools have to be VERY careful with predicted and therefore in most cases they are a good indication of the final grades. She also had a transcript with her grades given internally by the school for each semester.

If your SAT and ACT are only “decent” and your IB is only 30-33…what do you think will make you attractive to higher ranked schools?

IB scores tend to conflict with AP scores just, because could take a longer time to process before you can even put this on your application.

What are some scores that you got?

My daughter did IBD and no US colleges she applied to asked for IB predicted scores. When she applied to UK universities and they asked for them her teachers were unfamiliar with the concept.

I have known U.S. high school students who were accepted to foreign universities based on predicted scores and admitted definitively only when they achieved them. That’s pressure! I have never heard of a U.S. college doing that to a student coming out of a U.S. high school.

My daughter’s friend was admitted to London School of Economics. It is a conditional admission - conditional upon a 7 in HL Math and HL Physics I believe. He did not meet the conditional requirements so he is heading to school in the US.

The OP seems to be a US student applying to US colleges. Therefore the OP will be admitted based on his regular old US GPA.

Do IB kids in the US get semester grades that are not based on the IB scale (1-7)?

@CValle , while it differs from school to school, it’s my impression that most U.S. Schools that offer IB give normal A-F grades for them and that the 1-7 is used only for the IB administered exams. I suspect that this is because few schools are 100% IB – many have a general education track, some also offer AP, and most have classes to meet state requirements – and they need one grading scale for all of those

@CValle Hey, thanks for chiming in. A lot of my extracurricular activities seem to work and my AP scores are for the most part 4 or 5’s (5 the highest), barring two scores (I took 11 so far).

@gardenstategal Yes, that’s what the case is. But that’s where my question lies, I don’t know what takes a precedent over anything, IB or AP

A US student applying to US colleges will primarily be judged on GPA and SAT/ACT scores. Good AP scores like yours will add to the app. IB scores will not be available until long after admissions are over and there is no place on the Common App for predicted scores. A US guidance counselor would not go to the trouble of asking all the IB teachers for predicted scores unless it was asked for and it won’t be.

You don’t need to report the scores from the IB tests you have taken if they are not good (5-7). U.s. colleges will look at your grades. Do not provide predicted scores.

@gardenstategal Thank you so much for telling me

@VickiSoCal Thank you for letting me know, I feel a bit more prepared now.