Ib burn out

Hi all, I’m currently a Y2 IB Diploma candidate. My school hasn’t covered half the syllabus so I need to do so in this month or so. I want to achieve 35-40+ points. Do you think it’s possible?

I’m currently burnt out a lot, and feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. I would greatly appreciate some advice. Thanks so much.

My daughter is in Y1 IB and we are being reassured by our coordinator that our kids will be evaluated next year on what they know, not on what is missing content-wise from their various IB assessments. Our school also has only covered about half of the curriculum. I think this is going to be more common than not across the program. I don’t think they expect you to teach yourself the missing curriculum, more to fully know and master that which you have been taught. Hang in there!

Is your school administering the exams? Ours is not-- thank god, because I have little faith that all this part-time online learning has prepared my D for the exams completely. Good luck!

BTW, I don’t think there’s an IBD Y2 student on the planet that isn’t burned out right now. It just goes with the territory. Trimester 3 starts next Monday for us and most seniors are taking like two easy electives, but the IBD students are still taking 4-5 IB courses. No time for seniorities.

Our HS is holding exams, but definitely modified due to Covid. The HS has managed to hold SAT/PSATs and just started hybrid in-person learning. I think modified exams would be preferable to the projections that happened last year…from what I read, many students/parents were very unhappy with how that was handled and questioned its accuracy.

Last year my Ds single IB “exam” was just a 20 minute Spanish conversation over Zoom. No reading/ No writing. Terrible audio quality and she hadn’t been around a Spanish speaker in 6 weeks prior to the exam. Yes it was unfair. This year at least we know in advance and the IAs plus projected scores will determine your IB score.