IB business and management vs history

<p>Hi guys, I'm a sophomore right now and my school is making us sign up for next year's classes soon. For the IB diploma we need to pick 1 class from each of the 6 categories, and one of the categories is Individuals and Societies. For this category my school offers History and Business and Management. I heard from a friend that colleges like History better, and I think that's what most of the juniors and seniors in my school take for that group's requirements. The problem is, I really hate history, and I'd rather take business and management... Does anyone know if colleges really do like history better, or if there's any other advantages to taking history over business and management? </p>

<p>The rest of my schedule looks like this, I'm planning on going for the IB diploma:</p>

<p>English HL
Math HL
Art HL
Biology HL
Spanish SL

<p>Business/History SL</p>

<p>Is the History SL course one year at your school or two years? I know most SL courses are one year but some of them(at my school at least) are two years. If the History SL is one year then I would take the Hisotry class junior year and take the Buisness one senior year. If it isn't though, I would recommend thee history one because most colleges want you to take hisotry all four years and I believe some colleges might require. Check the requirements of colleges that you want to go to before deciding and see what they say. Is there any extra room in the schedule, maybe you could do both classes? Good Luck Choosing!</p>

<p>Both Business and History are 2 year classes, sadly. :( And there's no more room in the schedule... I will go look at the colleges's requirements, thank you.</p>