IB Chem SL for AP Chem Test


I will be apart of my school’s IB Diploma Program in my junior and senior year, and for Chemistry, I will be taking Chem Standard Level (SL), as I am taking Bio in the Higher Level (HL).

I would absolutely love to be able to take AP Chemistry, but I cannot fit it onto my schedule. Would it be possible for me to use the knowledge that I got in my IB Chem SL class and be able to do well (4 or 5, preferably 5) on the AP Chemistry test? Is there a big difference between the two that a little bit of self-studying cannot cover?

I would really appreciate it if people with experience with this scenario, or know about someone who did the same thing, would be able to help out. Even if you do not have experience with this situation, I will really appreciate your input.

Thank you very much!

I don’t know much about the IB program, but here’s the list of topics that is covered on the AP chem exam. Check page 22 for a quick overview, and compare this with your course description. Note that the exams are probably going to be different in structure, the AP exam is 3 hours long with a MCQ & FRQ.

Thank you. The thing is, it seems that IB Chem SL covers numerous topics compared to AP Chem but maybe they aren’t as indepth? That’s why I’m a bit confused…

What is the goal in taking AP Chem in addition to IB SL? or do you mean just take the test? The main benefits of having the test is exemption from intro-level courses (so you can start at a higher level) and building up credits towards earlier graduation- both of which you can get with IB credits. If you are thinking of using the AP Chem to meet the pre-reqs for med school, most med schools do not accept APs.

By your other post you are just finishing Grade 9, and you are trying to figure out whether you can add in self-study to get an AP credit for Chemistry. This is not a decision that you need to make now- in fact, you can’t even make it now. Get there. See how coursework goes in Grades 11 &12 (you may be surprised how much work there is in full IB). IF you are sailing through, and you have come up with a good reason to divert your time and effort away from your IB classes and your ECs, then what the heck*.

*(though from your other post it sounds as though your time would be better spent finding affordable colleges that will help you achieve your ambitions…)

It’s been a few years now since DS did SL Chem, but yes, it’s quite doable. The content in the two is similar enough that our school combined AP and SL Chem into a single class for a while (after DS did SL as its own class.) I’d definitely recommend getting a prep book for the AP.

Thank you for your feedback. I want to just take the AP Chem Test as most colleges will not offer credit for SL. In my perspective, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being a few steps ahead so I am not confused in the future, best to get my doubts clarified right when I have them, that is my nature. I already have my 4 years of classes planned out with my counselor so that’s how I know that I am in this tough situation.

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I think you should get a prep book or look at an older test.