IB Classes for Law?

<p>I am currently in the stage of choosing my IB subjects and would like to know whether or not to chose English Lang and Lit (the new course) or English Lit at HL. My other subjects that i am considering are:
SL Maths
SL Chinese
SL Chem or Bio (Thoughts would be appreciated)
HL History
HL Philosophy</p>

<p>Thanks in advance for reply's.</p>

<p>It doesn't matter; law schools will never see your high school grades.</p>

<p>SL chem or bio really depends if you had ever taken those classes before
if you have taken some chem/bio classes prior to IB, then choose that subject for IB SL.
it will definitely ease up the workload. and trust me. you want an easier workload.</p>

<p>as for law, which IB courses really don't matter. law school is, in your case, at least 6 years away.
in fact, i've once had a law school professor tell me the vast majority of law school students don't even major in pre-law as an undergrad.
so don't sweat it (:</p>