IB courses for prep schools?

Soooo background info:
most likely (like 99%) going to an IB school next year
i know that the transcript includes your course names and I was wondering if prep schools like IB students? is there any value placed on that? next year i’d be a 9th grader (applying for 10th) so my courses would be mostly magnet/IB with 2 exceptions (electives)

I think IB courses are generally highly regarded. George is the only school I know of that has IB.

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9th grade IB will be the middle years programme, not the diploma programme. I don’t think it will make a difference.

all of the main courses are IB/magnet for us

If you are asking “will BS be so impressed that I took IB courses that my application will be boosted?” the answer is probably not. That is definitely not the edge that’s going to get you in.

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