IB Diploma Student's Chances?

<p>I'm doing the IB Diploma right now and I'm not sure what Cornell takes as a minimum score requirement. Anyway...</p>


<p>SAT Reasoning Test: 1390 (Math - 680, CR - 710)
2010 (620 Writing, I screwed up on the essay)</p>

<p>(Doing my subject tests after summer)</p>

<p>IB Predicted Grades:</p>

<p>Higher Level
Biology - 7 (equivalent to an A*)
Chemistry - 6 (equivalent to an A)
English - 6</p>

<p>Standard Level
Economics - 6
Chinese - 6
Mathematics - 6</p>

<p>Total score: 37/42</p>

<p>Extra curricular activities:</p>

<li>Head of Environmental Action</li>
<li>Student Leader of House</li>
<li>Organizer of Cancer Fund's Stride for a Cure Event</li>
<li>Leader of Can-Recycling Project at School</li>
<li>Volunteer at Prince of Wales Hospital</li>
<li>Volunteer English Teacher at Tsung Tsin Primary School & Kindergarten English Play Station</li>
<li>English Editor of Literature Magazine</li>
<li>Hong Kong Sports Institute A-Division Tennis Team</li>
<li>School A-Grade Basketball Team</li>
<li>Leader of Lower Years at Treasure Island Camp</li>