Ib diploma!!

<p>Can some accepted students post their IB diploma predicted score that they were accepted with?</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!</p>

<p>I didn't apply to Columbia, but one of my close friends did and she got a 44/45 :)</p>

<p>accepted 44/45 :)</p>

<p>Predicted 45/45. Actual 45/45 (November '08).</p>

<p>I'm accepted to Columbia SEAS (but deferring admission to the fall of 2011).</p>

<p>this may sound dumb, but what's a predicted score and how is it out of 45? I'm in IB too =( </p>

<p>Is it like max score of 7 times 6 exams and then possibly three more points from the EE and TOK paper? </p>

<p>If that's the case, you all are crazy. I'd say my predicted score is around 34/45! =D</p>

<p>yeesh I agree with mdeziz, you guys are crazy, no one at my school ever gets 7s on any of the exams...</p>

<p>Haha agreed. We average like a 30/45, and we have bunches of people who always end up with a 23 and don't get the diploma. :P Apparently our IB program just fails!</p>

<p>That's ridiculous. The highest Diploma score ever at my school is a 42/45.</p>

<p>well, our school does have a decent ib program, I'm sure there are several people who turn out 45/45. I'm just not one of them. =]</p>

<p>I went to a small and prestigious IB school, we'd have a couple of 45s on average every year (in good years 4-5 / 130 would get 45s), our average was ~36-37. To get into Columbia you basically needed a 40+/45 and a 42+/45 would put you in good stead.</p>

<p>yeah, if you call that number small, that's about the size of our school's program too. </p>

<p>we probably have about 5 or so ppl out of 130 that get 45/45. </p>

<p>That doesn't really translate to getting into Columbia though. I predict mine at around 34. Granted, I didn't study for any of my exams and I'm just breezing through them. (see, I'm here talking as opposed to studying for my exam this afternoon).</p>

<p>jesus...who the hell gets 45?? mine would only be 38...tops :P lol</p>

<p>The whole you need a 40+ notion is ridiculous. We had two IB grads last year who got into Columbia with scores lower than that [one of them significantly lower]. Neither had hooks or anything of the sort.</p>

<p>Lol, wow. Yeah. We have 58 in our IB senior class, a number of whom aren't going to get their diplomas. We had two kids get into Ivies this year...but we've decided the problem may be the counselor. She thinks you can get into Stanford with an 1800 SAT, 3.5 UW, and no hooks/no athletics. If only... <em>sigh</em> ;)</p>

The whole you need a 40+ notion is ridiculous. We had two IB grads last year who got into Columbia with scores lower than that [one of them significantly lower]. Neither had hooks or anything of the sort.


<p>I forgot to refine my statement. You need to be predicted a 40+ to get into Columbia if your school is an IB only school. If you have other APs and a general GPA that is strong, but are doing the IB in addition to these, then it really doesn't matter what you are predicted. Once you get in, you can actually achieve whatever you want on the IB, if you are predicted a 40/45 and then ultimately achieve a 34 I don't think anyone will care. But if you go to an IB only school I find it hard to believe that you'll make it to Columbia with below a 40 predicted and without some crazy hook. I went to a great school which was not academically focused at all and people still needed that 40+ prediction (over many years of data)</p>

<p>^ Yeah that sounds about right. My school doesn't provide GPA, so forecast grades are the only measure of academic performance colleges get to see. When Brown's regional admissions officer for Singapore came here to speak last year, she said you needed a 39 (without bonus) to be competitive for admission. I imagine it's about the same for Columbia.</p>

<p>Wow I'm pretty sure my predicted was like, exactly 39 haha. thank god! sigh stupid IB HL math dragging down my score...</p>

<p>Haha, IB Math HL is doing the exact same thing to me. If I'm lucky I could get a 44, provided my Math teacher predicts me a 6. Worst case scenario is 38/42+2/3 Extra Points so 40 or 41 out of 45. I would honestly be happy with anything above 42. I hate HL Maths - I've been good at Maths since I was 6 so I didn't really work until I hit IB but by then I had forgotten what it was like to work in Maths and so... :(</p>

<p>***?? I got accepted to columbia, and my ib score will probably be low to mid 30's with bonus. They don't matter much for admission</p>